January 10th, 1989

January 10th, 1989
Orlando, Florida
Miriam & Hank’s condo

I woke up to the sound of rustling. When I opened my eyes, Donna was standing over me, waving a giant Baby Ruth bar in my face. Thanks Donna (even although it was still the middle of the night.) I put the chocolate bar on the bedside table, and zonked out again.

I went into the kitchen, devoured Baby Ruth, and washed her down with two glasses of milk. Of course I felt a bit sick after such indulgence, so I went back to bed. When I woke up, I felt very unsettled, and remembered the dream I had just had. In the dream, Ben had a huge, ugly growth on his face and I kept trying to rub it off, but it wouldn’t budge. I don’t think I need a dream dictionary to decipher that.

Gabriel rang to say goodbye, and we talked for absolutely ages. He said he wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye to his sister, and his parents at the airport. Or the flights.
“Listen to music on your Walkman, that’ll make the flight time pass quicker.” I offered.
“I’ll try that. Hey, I was thinking that maybe we’ll meet again. That would be cool.”
“You never know. If I make it through the training course with British Airways…”
“Of course you’ll make it, of course you will.”
“Ah, you Americans are all so confident,” I teased. “I’ll start again. When I pass…”
“That’s better,” he said.
“When I get through the BA training course, and get my Wings, I’ll be flying all over the place. So you never know.”
“And I might go to Scotland again sometime, to visit my mom’s family.”
“I live in England.”
“Yeah, but it’s all the same.”
“Actually, it’s not,” I said in my snippy voice.
“Ok,” he drawled. “I guess the point I’m making is that we might see each other again. Sometime. Somewhere.”
“And that would be nice,” I said.

Spoke to Miriam for hours tonight, and some of our conversation was about Gabriel. Miriam said he was totally smitten with me, which made me chuckle as that’s not only an expression mum would use, but Miriam pronounced it as “smit in,” the same way mum does. I love Miriam, it’s easy to see why she and mum have been friends since their teens.

I kept an eye on the clock, and when I knew it was time for Gabriel’s first flight to take off, I quietly wished him a safe flight. He’s going back to college life in California, and his maybe girlfriend. I’m going home to start a whole new chapter, as crew with British Airways. But beyond that, I have no idea.

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