January 11th, 1989

January 11th 1989
Orlando, Florida
Miriam & Hank’s condo

Spoke to mum today, sadly not for very long, purely due to the outrageous cost of international phone calls. Mum sounded quite chipper, which is reassuring considering it’s winter, which can be a difficult time for her. She said she and dad are counting down the days until I get home (even although I don’t have an exact return date yet. It all depends on my start date with BA.)

I was telling mum how lovely the weather is here, and how much I’ll miss it, and was about to continue on, when she said, “Miriam mentioned you were having a smashing time with one of Liza’s boys.”
“Uh, yes, Gabriel. He just left yesterday to go back to California.”
“I heard he was quite taken with you.”
“Oh, that Miriam,” I joked. “He was lovely, very easy to get along with. We did have a nice time together, but, like I said, he’s gone.”
“Aye, well you never know where life will take ye, maybe your paths will cross again.”
“Who knows mum, who knows.”
“When is Pamsy arriving?”
“She’s planning to get here in the next couple of days. She’s using a staff travel ticket, so hopefully she’ll get on the flight.”
“I’m sure she will. The pair of you will be painting the town red in no time.”

Went to visit Winnie, and shock! Horror! No freshly baked cookies to be found, so I was forced to buy those Chips Ahoy fakes. I stopped at the pool on my way back, and actually dipped my toe in the water, but it was much too cold to even contemplate going for a swim.

Carol was sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by textbooks, pencils, and jotters.
“Is that your homework?”
She let out a sigh, and nodded her head, yes. “And I have a test tomorrow.”
I filled the kettle with water. “Would you like a cup of tea first?”
I slowly took the box of Chips Ahoy cookies out of my bag, and held the box like it was on display. Carol’s eyes lit up, and she even smiled.
“We’ll have a cup of tea,” I said in my matronly voice, “and a cookie, and then …”
“Just one?” she pouted.
“Yes, just one.”

Read lots tonight, and going to bed early. Oh, and Liza rang earlier and said Gabriel got home safely, which I was pleased to hear.

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