January 16th, 1989

January 16th, 1989
Orlando, Florida
Comfort Inn Hotel

I think the woman we spoke to, from Tennessee, whilst waiting “in line” today, was spot on, when she said EPCOT stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired. Pamsy is further proof of that, because she’s already asleep, possibly dreaming of our fantastic day at EPCOT. I’m not tired at all, which is good, because I want to stay up and finish reading Hemingway’s ‘Garden of Eden,’ which is just amazing.

We wanted to be at EPCOT in time for it opening this morning, and for once, we didn’t get lost! Parking was a cinch, and getting around the park itself, was a breeze. We mostly walked, and I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, but we didn’t have to queue for long for any of the rides, either. With the combination of this climate, and superior American service, Pamsy and I agreed that it would be difficult to replicate such an experience, anywhere other than the United States.

My favourite place was World Showcase, where you wander through different countries, and get a taste of what each place has to offer. I especially enjoyed being in Japan, and found the most beautiful fan, that I just had to have.

In England, we stopped in at the Rose & Crown pub to see how authentic it was, and we were pleasantly surprised to find what looked like a proper pub. There were even a few blokes from the UK, working there, and we had a good chat to them. One of them (Rob) asked if we’d like to meet him, and a few of his mates, one night. He scribbled down his phone number, and said to ring him if we were interested.

We ate lunch in Italy, at L’Originale Alfredo di Roma, and the fettuccine was divine. Of course my mind went to Ben, and I imagined him working (and skiing) in Italy, but I made no mention of him. However, Pamsy, knowing me as well as she does, asked, “have you heard from him?”
“I had a Christmas card, and a letter.”
“What did he say?”
“This and that.”
“The usual,” she said, sounding disdainful.
“Yeah, the usual,” I sighed.
“Are you missing him?”
“Certain times more than others.”
“You’ve got so much to look forward to when you get home. I don’t mean with him, I mean with BA.”
“I know, I just hope I hear from them soon, I’m getting a bit worried that I don’t have a starting date yet.”
“I’m sure it won’t be long.”
“I hope not. Do you think you’ll stay with Air Europe?”
“For now, I will, but who knows.”
“There’s some great people there, and you just got promoted, well done you.”

What I didn’t tell Pamsy, is that I think about Ben a lot more than I let on. Every morning, when I wake up and look at my watch, I mentally move the time forward by six hours, and I wonder where he is, and what he’s doing. And I do the same throughout the day. And, at night.

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