January 18th, 1989

January 18th, 1989
Orlando, Florida
Comfort Inn Hotel

Because of the five hour time change, between here and the UK, Pamsy is still adjusting, which means she wakes up really early, and zonks out, long before I do. I use the time at night to write this, in bed, and sometimes I write letters too. Then I usually read, and when I start to drift off to sleep, and the book hits me in the face, that’s when I shut off the light.

First thing we did this morning, was drive to Orlando airport. I flew over on a one-way ticket, because I didn’t know how long I’d be able to stay. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to splash out too much to fly home, because it only cost two hundred quid to get here.

The most economical flight to Gatwick I found, connects in Newark, and I only know that’s New Jersey, because it’s close to where mum worked as a nanny. When I was counting out the cash to pay ($240.00) for my ticket, it made going home real, and I must admit, I felt a bit sad at the prospect of leaving.

Pamsy was able to add her name to the standby list, and hopefully she’ll get on the same flights, but if our track record is anything to go by, I’m not going to hold my breath. We had a good laugh, recalling our disastrous attempts to fly home on staff travel tickets, from Paris, and then another time, from Lanzarote.

I asked Pamsy if she fancied going to Cocoa Beach, she said she’d love to, so, once again, we set off in that direction. And, once again, we didn’t make it! Winn Dixie is to blame! We drove past one, just off the “highway,” and I asked Pamsy to turn around, so I could get come chocolate chip cookies. Which, I did (the real ones, yum.) However, we took the wrong turn coming out off Winnie’s, and got stuck on the motorway for quite a stretch. Then I spotted the sign to Liza’s, and when I pointed it out to Pamsy, she suggested we pop in.

Liza welcomed us with open arms, and it was so nice being there again. Carina had a half- day at school, and had a school friend over, a girl from Puerto Rico, called Sofia.
The girl was absolutely gorgeous, with the loveliest accent.

While we were there, Liza rang Gabriel, and I spoke to him for a while, which was really nice.
“Hello, stranger,” I said.
“Hey you, howz it going?”
“It’s going great. I just bought my ticket to go home.”
“You got your date, with British Air?”
“British Airways, if you don’t mind,” I teased. “Yes, I start on January the thirtieth.”
“Oh man, that’s awesome. Congratulations.”
“Thank you, I’m really chuffed. How are you getting on?”
“Good, yeah, school’s good.”
“Why aren’t you in a lecture?”
“I’m done with class for the day,” he said, emphasizing the word class. “I finish early every Wednesday.”
“How’s Maria?”
Without hesitating, he said, “loud.”
When I stopped laughing, I said, “You’re very naughty.”
“Girls love a bad boy, right?”
“I think we do, actually.”

Pamsy had a chat to Gabriel, and he had her in stitches too. I got back on the phone to say bye, and when we were about to hang up, Gabriel said, “Man, I wish I was back there, hanging out with you crazy Brits.”

When we got in the car, Pamsy said she liked Gabriel’s voice, and enjoyed talking to him.
“He’s a great bloke, I had a lot of fun with him.”
“And a lot of hanky panky,” she said, smiling.
“Well, there was a bit of slap and tickle,” I said in a cockney accent, I knew would make Pamsy laugh.
“Excuse me, but how bloody gorgeous was that girl?”
“Sofia?” I asked. Pamsy nodded her head.
“Stunning. Just stunning. I had to keep reminding myself to avert my eyes.”
Pamsy laughed, “I did too. She was striking.”
“I can’t imagine being that gorgeous, and all the attention it would bring.”
“You are gorgeous.”
“No I’m not. I’m fat,” I stated.
“You are not fat. I don’t know why you always say that.”
“I made you turn around earlier, so I could get cookies.”
“Yes, and I ate them with you. And I don’t think I’m fat. What do you weigh, like eight stone?”
“Closer to nine,” I sighed.
“Well, you’re tall.”
“And fat.”
“You are not fat!” Pamsy shouted. “Say it!”
“Say what?” I asked.
“I am not fat!”
“I’m not saying that, but I’ll say something else.”
“What?” she asked.
“Let’s stop for some ice cream.”

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