January 20th, 1989

January 20th, 1989
Orlando, Florida
Miriam & Hank’s condo

Pamsy and I are sleeping on the pull out again, and if tonight, with Charlie, is anything like last night, it’ll be another restless one, with us up half the night, giggling at his antics. He’s managed to worm his way in between us, and is having a difficult time settling down, because every time he looks at Pamsy, he becomes rather excited. I think he’s in love with her. He gazes longingly at her, and then he pounces.

Yesterday, after Rodriguez and Sammartino left (“Cor, they were a bit of alright,” Pamsy said, more than a dozen times throughout the day) we thought it best to check out of the hotel. We bunged our suitcases into the boot, and headed for Cocoa Beach. Somehow, we ended up at SeaWorld, where we spent a brilliant day, surrounded by all sorts of sea creatures, and laughed about our encounter with the fit, young officers from the OPD.

When it was closing time at SeaWorld, we got in the car, and looked at each other.
“Now what?” Pamsy asked.
“We should go to Miriam’s, and let her know we’re no longer staying at the Comfort Inn. Just in case BA need to get in touch with me again.”
“Oh, you are a clever clogs. Let’s get cracking.”

Miriam had a few choice words (that all began with the letters B and F) for the thieves, and agreed that we’ll probably never know what happened on that fateful day, when Donald Duck, a stash of cash, a purse, and a jumper went missing! Hank insisted we spend our last few night’s here, and Miriam said she’d feel better knowing we’re safe.

Back to today…it was pretty cloudy, on this, our last fully day here. I told Pamsy I wanted to “start saying bye to all my places,” so we started with the pool, and, as usual, there was nobody there. We sat on the loungers, and Pamsy said, “you look a bit down in the mouth.”
“I do feel a bit sad. There’s a lot I’ll miss. Mostly, Miriam and her gang, and Liza, and Carina. They’ve all been really good to me.”
“They’re absolute gems, I’m glad I got to meet them.”
“We’re so lucky,” I said, on the verge of tears.
“We’re more than lucky,” Pamsy said, standing up. “We’re here, in the sun, having an amazing time.” She stood over me. “And you’re going home to start flying round the world.”
“I know,” I said, looking up at her. “It’s not too shabby, is it?”
“Nothing shabby about it, darling,” she said, reaching her hand out to me. “Come on you,” she said, pulling me up, “let’s go and find Cocoa Beach.”

I suspect our excessive talking in the car, might be somewhat responsible for us missing every turn. Instead of Cocoa Beach, we found ourselves in a beautiful placed called St. Augustine, where there was no shortage of café’s, and art galleries. We had a lovely gander, and enjoyed plenty of yummy grub.

On our way back, we looked for a florist, to buy flowers for Miriam, but couldn’t find any, so we ended up buying a dodgy looking bouquet, in a supermarket type of place. One consolation is that they sold Chips Ahoy cookies, so I bought three boxes that I’ve already packed in one of my suitcases.

Tonight, Miriam came to Liza’s with us, so Pamsy and I could say au revoir. I hate goodbyes, I’m usually ok until the last minute, and then I get choked up, and start crying.
I felt really sad saying goodbye to Liza, and Carina. They’ve been really sweet to me, and included me in so much. I told Carina I loved our MTV viewing, and singing moments, and when it was time for us to leave, she cried her eyes out.

And here we are, on our last night in Florida, in bed with Charlie, the cutest Lhasa Apso, ever.

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