January 21st, 1989

January 21st, 1989
Flight from Orlando, Florida – Newark, New Jersey
Flight from Newark, New Jersey – Gatwick Airport, England

Our flight just left Newark, and we’re UK bound!

Felt sad today, saying adios to Miriam, Hank and Carol. Donna showed up at the last minute with Double R, and he brought Charlie outside to wave us off, which I thought was quite sweet of him.

It’s been a busy day, travelling from Orlando to Newark. Pamsy caught the flight ahead of me in Orlando, because there were seats available, and we didn’t want to take the chance of waiting, and then for her not to get on this flight. As is typical with standby, it happened quickly, and we didn’t have time to make plans on where to meet in Newark. When I landed, I made my way to the check-in desk, to have Pamsy paged, and she was making her way there, to do the same, but from the opposite direction. We literally walked right into each other!

There was quite a bit of time to kill, before the flight left for Gatwick, so we wandered around the terminal, laughing at the beach bums in neon clothing, who suddenly looked very out of place in the North. We spent ages in the duty free shops, and I bought perfume for mum, and Nana, as well as a couple of moisture rich creams I’ll no doubt need when I start flying again.

I’m in the window seat, with a couple beside me, who’ve done nothing but slobber over each other since we boarded. I really hope they pass out, otherwise it’ll be a long, noisy night.

Pamsy did manage to get on this flight, but she’s sitting way down the back, in the smoking section. I don’t envy her, sitting amongst the smokers. That’s one thing I’m not looking forward to on long haul BA flights.

We flew over New York City, and it looked absolutely amazing. What a beautiful sight, I can only imagine the action in the city below. I really do want to be a part of it! And pretty soon, I will be.

I’ve been thinking about the amazing time I had in Florida, and how fortunate I am to have spent almost two month’s there. On the flight over, I had just said goodbye to Ben, and I cried all the way across the Atlantic. Now, here I am, traveling back in his direction, wondering how it will be when I see him again.

Cheerio for now America, it’s been swell, but it’s time for this girl to go home.

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