January 23rd, 1989

January 23rd, 1989

Woke up early, thanks to the five-hour time change. I could hear mum moving around, downstairs in the kitchen, with the radio on, so I got up. Mum was all smiles, and made me tea and toast. She wasted no time, barraging me with questions, the first of which was, “When will Ben be back from Italy?”
“He doesn’t know yet, but hopefully it’ll be in the next couple of weeks.”
“Well, you’ll be busy by then on your training course, so you have to…”
“Mum, I know. Don’t worry, I won’t let him distract me.”
She smiled at me from the other side of the table, and I changed the subject.

It was cold and dreary all day, so I stayed at home, which was lovely. Played lots of music in my room, and danced around a bit to Erasure’s ‘The Innocents,’ as well as some old stuff by Eurythmics, and Kate Bush (I’ll never get tired of listening to Annie, or Kate, sing.) It’s so strange to think I’ve been away for a while, because now I’m back, it feels like I never left.

Busy phone day;

Pamsy – She rang me, and we chatted for ages. Apparently, Kim moved her stuff, out of their flat, leaving it very bare-looking. It’s such a shame Pamsy bought the flat with Kim, and that none of it has gone as planned. Kim told her that she and Dick will be getting married this summer, as soon as he’s divorced! I still can’t believe Kim is marrying a guy almost thirty years older than we are. Pamsy’s really upset about the flat situation, and will probably have to sell it now. Bloody men, getting in the way! Says she, who’s desperate to see Ben. At least he’s single. And, only a year older than me.

Belinda – Calling from my last abode, Birch Road. There was never dull moment there, such a fun place to live (apart from when Ben moved in three months before I left for Florida, and turned everything upside down.) Belinda said Simone (best landlady in London, ever!) went back to Indonesia, on a three-month work contract, with the same hotel chain. It’s too bad Simone won’t be at Birch Road, when I go and pick up the rest of my stuff. Belinda wanted to know “everything that happened, in America,” but I could hardly fit two months’ of life into a thirty-minute phone chat.

Nana – Really, lovely chat, and hopefully she’ll make it down from Scotland, at Easter.

Stephen – Cracked me up, as always. Must get to Brighton soon to catch up with him.

Back in bed again, thinking about Ben (how unusual.) I missed talking to him today, but he had airport duty, so I knew he wouldn’t be around to chat. I feel ecstatic, and petrified, at the thought of seeing him again. How many times have I heard the same words from him? Well, maybe not exactly the same, but words to the same effect. I would love this to be “it” for us, I really would. And yes, I’ve met others along the way, but nobody ever compares to Ben.

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