January 24th, 1989

January 24th, 1989

It’s sooooo cold! As happy as I am to be home, I’m definitely missing the Florida sunshine. And I’m still a bit messed up with the time change, and have been up since four this morning. And, there’s one package of Chips Ahoy missing. I know nothing!

Went shopping with mum, and she bought me a few fun pieces of jewelry, from Miss Selfridge. Then, I got my hair chopped, which it really needed, after being away for so long. I thought about having it cut while I was in Orlando, but soon changed my mind when I saw what was considered “fashionable,” there!

Spent the afternoon catching up with Sarah, and you could’ve blown me down with a feather, when she told me she’s moving in with Simon! I’ve always pegged Sarah as very traditional, and after she told me about the move, I expected her to say she and Simon are getting engaged, but no.

Sarah said Lucy came home for Christmas, but apparently Lucy didn’t quite seem like herself. I hope she’s ok, I must ring her. I wonder if Lucy will be surprised to hear that Sarah and Simon are moving in together.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years, since the three of us left Secondary school, but even although our lives are moving in different directions, I’m glad we’re still friends.

When Sarah split up with Rob (I should say when Rob split up with Sarah) I didn’t think she’d get serious with anyone else, but I guess I was wrong. She and Rob were joined at the hip for years, all through Secondary school, and she was heartbroken when they split up. And yet, here she is, moving on, and in, with Simon.

Love is so confusing.

Speaking of….Ben rang. He’d just woken up from a nap, and his voice sounded really deep, and soooo sexy. He said he’s more than ready to come home, and he misses me, and loves me loads. Aaahhhhh, yes, hurry up! After talking to him, I put my headphones on, and lay on the floor in my room, listening to some of our favourite music. I closed my eyes, and allowed my mind drift off, remembering the many, magical times we’ve spent on his little bed.

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