January 25th, 1989

January 25th, 1989
Birch Road

I’m back in my old bed, in my old room, here at Birch Road.

The last time I slept here was with Ben, the night before I left for Florida. We really didn’t end on a good note. We were civil to one another, but those last few days with him (more like weeks) were just a nightmare, and I was so ready to leave, and get away from him. Of course the minute I did, I missed him, and cried all the way across the Atlantic.

This must be “Remembering Ben Day,” because this morning, on my way to the dentist, I cycled past his old house. I stopped, looked up at his old bedroom window, and thought about some of the times we spent in his room. So much has happened between us in the six years we’ve known each other, and I suppose all I can do now is wait and see how it is, when he comes back.

Just getting here today, was such a trek, on two trains and a tube. Sounds like a movie!
Simone’s brother was here when I arrived, with some new girlie, called Caroline.
She’s really thin, she must weigh about seven stone. She didn’t eat anything Belinda cooked, all she did was move the food around her plate. She did drink an entire bottle of wine, though. Yes, I was paying close attention, and no, I don’t know why!

Belinda and her guy seem happy together, but I still don’t think they’re well suited. I find him to be a bit of a bore actually, and I think he’s really bossy as well. Belinda appears to be at his beck and call, and I just feel she could do so much better. Oh, I’m such a love expert tonight! I think it’s just being here, and thinking about Ben, and how it was with him living here (disastrous!)

Davina came bounding through the door, and didn’t stop talking the entire night…that’s Davina! She’s lovely though, and I do miss living in the same house, hearing her tales from the cosmetic counters, of London’s finest department store.

Caroline said she’d like to go to the pub, so she and Sean left, and Belinda told me that’s all the two of them ever do. Apparently, Caroline’s been on the scene for almost three month’s, and Belinda has yet to see her eat.

Maybe, in order to eat less, I need to start drinking more!

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