January 2nd, 1989

January 2nd, 1989
Orlando, Florida
Miriam & Hank’s Condo

Woke up early, and ate breakfast with Carol. Once again, I was mystified by what she was eating. Her food gets delivered to the post box (another difference here, I’ve yet to see a letter box) and comes in small packages that Carol heats up in the microwave. I know she’s losing weight, but the food just doesn’t look healthy. I imagine, at some point, she’ll have to start eating proper food again, but I suppose it’s helping her at the moment. Carol is such a lovely girl, and I really hope she can stay on track and reach her goal (she lost two pounds last week.)

While Carol was munching her way through her mystery breakfast, she suggested we go to the alligator farm, but I wasn’t in the mood. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’d ever be in the mood to visit an alligator farm.

Instead, we went, with Miriam, to her friend Sandra’s, where her nephew, Alisdair, was packing the last of his stuff, for his return to Scotland. He looked really glum at the prospect of going home to the land of the heather. I asked him if he enjoyed his time here to which he replied, “aye, it’s been pure dead brilliant.”
Being a Glaswegian myself, I understood him perfectly. Alisdair went on to say he wanted to stay, but his visa is due to expire in a few days, so he has no choice but to leave.

On our way back from Sandra’s, I asked Carol if she fancied coming to the pool with me. She said no, so I went by myself, and as usual, I was the only one there. The pool taunted me and said I should jump in and swim some serious laps, but I ignored it, and snoozed instead.

A few hours later, with my Vitamin D levels topped up, I went back to the condo, where Double R made an appearance in his massive new truck. He proudly climbed down from the cab with a big grin on his face. The engine was still running and the music was blaring (he calls it Country, but it definitely is not.) He swaggered around the truck, with his thumbs tucked into the belt loops on his jeans, and I had to look away in order to contain my amusement. He always wears his baseball cap backwards, and when the sun hits his face, he shields his eyes with his hands! When he was leaving, he did something to make the engine roar, and it was so loud I had to cover my ears.

Scottie rang and asked if I wanted to go see ‘Rain Man’ with his family, but I decided not to as it’s his last night here. I wished Scottie a safe trip home to California and told him it was nice meeting him. And it was. He’s a great guy, but it’s his brother I’m attracted to.

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