January 28th, 1989

January 28th, 1989

At home


Could’ve slept longer this morning, but had to get up and go to the bank to open a new account, because I lost my passbook.

I spent a bit less in Florida than I expected to, so of course I went straight from the bank, to the shops! Bought a bunch of new clothes in Next, none of them suitable for this weather. I’m thinking ahead to long BA trips to sunnier climes.

Bought a scientific calculator for dad (“that’s brilliant hen, it’ll really help me at work.”)

Some gifts, from John Lewis, to send to Miriam and Liza to thank them for their hospitality. While I was waiting, in the rain, for the bus to come home, I decided it’s time to start looking for a car.

Messed around in my room, listened to loads of music, then heard mum calling me.

“Karen! Phone!”

I dashed downstairs and was surprised to find mum still on the phone. “Oh aye, I hope so. Right, well here she is, cheerio,” she said, handing the receiver to me. I mouthed, “Who is it?” All mum said was, “take it.”


“McGarr,” said the only person who ever calls me by my surname.

“Oh, it’s you,” I said, immediately feeling foolish.

“Yes, it’s me. Funny that.”

The way he said it made me laugh. “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting it to be you.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” he said.

“Shall we start again?”

“Let’s see, we went out with each other a couple of years ago. Went on holiday together a few times to some nice places. Is this ringing any bells?”

“No, nothing at all,” I teased, “I need more than that.”

“Funny as always,” he laughed. “How the hell are you McGarr? Welcome back. How was Florida?”

We spoke for over two hours, and every time mum walked past me in the hall she did so with a big smile on her face.

Sarah rang and invited me round to their new flat to play cards (yawn) and watch videos. I asked who would be there, and it was all so and so, and so and so, and so and so. Basically, all couples.

“Yikers,” I said, borrowing one of Carina’s favourite expressions, not knowing if I was even using it in the right context. “I’m so sorry Sarah, I just remembered I have a bunch of paperwork to fill in before I show up at British Airways on Monday.”

“Boo, not fair.” Even through the phone, I could sense her sulking.

“I know, what a shame. Another time, yeah?”

“Yes! Next weekend, we’ll be doing it all over again.”





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