January 29th, 1989

January 29th, 1989

At home

Can’t believe tomorrow is the big day! I’m not particularly looking forward to the commute or the classes, but I’m interested to meet the people I’m training with. Of course the thing I’m most looking forward to is flying again, especially to the destinations British Airways has to offer.

I’d only been up for a little while this morning, when mum got home from church. Which meant I missed breakfast. Typically, I’d make up for it by having a huge lunch, but induced by sheer panic at the thought of a new uniform, I ate a sad, limp salad. The last few Chips Ahoy cookies were screaming at me to release them from their spot in the pantry. I did open the door and gazed longingly at the package, but then I slammed the door shut. On second thought, I should’ve just eaten them because, as usual, I’ve left it a bit late to lose weight.

Mum was full of energy today and said we should clean out my wardrobe to make space for my new uniforms. I really wasn’t in the mood for a clear out but when mum gets an idea in her head you can’t really stop her. I pretended to be interested in the task at hand, but I was thinking about Ben.

“Mum, can we wait and do this later?”
“No, it’s chock-a-block in here.” Her body was halfway in the wardrobe and her words sounded mumbled.

“Mum,” I said, tapping her shoulder. “I need some exercise, I’m going out on my bike.”

She drew herself out of the wardrobe and looked at me. “Are you nervous about tomorrow?”

“No. Why?”

“Just wondering.”

I got my bike out of the shed and ten minutes later I was at Susan and Stan’s. Susan opened the door and as always, she was really welcoming. Stan was watching tv in the living room and we had a quick chat about America, then we left him to the football, and sat in the dining room. Susan was excited when I told her I start training tomorrow. “Oh love,” she said, giving me a hug. “You’ll be flying all over the world. Isn’t that something.”

Susan has never been anything but nice to me, even during the times Ben and I weren’t together. He’s lucky to have such a lovely mum.

I came home at eight and dad seemed a bit agitated.

“You shouldn’t be out gallivanting when you have to get ready for tomorrow.”

“Everything’s ready.”

“Do you have the train times?”

“No, not yet.”

“Did you phone for a taxi to pick you up in the morning?”

“Not yet.”

“Did you fill in your paperwork?”

I thought about saying yes just to shut him up, but I can’t lie to my dad. “Not yet. I’m going to do it all now.”

“Don’t forget to set your alarm, although I’ll be up. But just in case.”

“Ok, thanks dad,” I said, heading for the stairs.

“Oh, and Pamsy phoned, lovely lassie that. She wants you to phone her back.”

“Did anyone else ring?”

“No, just Pamsy.”

I guess Ben must be on airport duty again. Being at his parents’ today, seeing some of his stuff scattered around has made me miss him more than usual. I can’t wait to be with him again. In every way. Yes, that too! I did have a few close encounters with Gabriel, but we never went that far, and I’m glad we didn’t because I really just want Ben.





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