February 1st, 1989

February 1st, 1989

At home

Because I was so tired last night, I went to bed without doing my homework, which meant I had to do it on the train this morning. I didn’t take into account how long it takes me to wake up that early in the morning, so between the combination of feeling groggy, and the movement of the train, my writing was all over the place. This is where I should vow never to do such a thing again, but I know myself better than that

The main focus of class this morning was Economy Cabin practicals, with the emphasis on service. I know from being in the States recently, how important service is. I imagine I’ll be working in the Economy cabin quite a bit in the beginning, because it’s one of the most junior positions, but I think it’ll be fine.

Ate lunch for the first time in the canteen, and the ice is beginning to crack, with some of our group, more than others. Sat with Lolly, Carl and Lorna (one of the Scottish girls) and if I’d known we were going to uniform stores straight after lunch, I’d have eaten a salad, instead of Shepherds pie.

The moment I’d been dreading came when the burly woman in uniform stores took my measurements, without a peep, then went to retrieve said uniform. She came back with her arms full and suggested I try everything on, which I did. I still haven’t looked at the size on my skirt, but I know it’ll be double digits.

We have grey skirts for winter and a stripy one for summer. The blouse matches the summer skirt and unfortunately has a belt. I don’t like wearing anything fitted, so having a belt as part of my uniform should make me choose nothing but liquid to live on from now on.

At the end of the day, laden with a huge amount of new uniforms that includes a full-length wool coat, raincoat, handbag, and hat, I walked to Hatton Cross tube station with Lolly. It was more like stumbling than walking because our uniforms were wrapped in long plastic covers, and we kept having to stop because we were tripping over the plastic, and dropping items along the way. Then of course we got the giggles and were incapable of doing anything. I swear Lolly took half of my uniforms home with her, and me half of hers! Needless to say, carrying everything home on the tube, and train was an absolute palava.

I got home at seven thirty and a few minutes later, Ben rang. We were on the phone for ages and our conversation was very lovey dovey. We’re good at that. I was starving but didn’t want to hang up, so we kept talking. To say I’m desperate to see him this weekend is an understatement.

I need to stop writing, and do my homework.





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