February 3rd, 1989

February 3rd, 1989

At home

Friday night, and I’m home alone (Tini is here, but he doesn’t go out much at night!) Mum and dad are at a birthday party at Janice and Terry’s and I only know that because mum left a note for me on the kitchen counter.

We rounded off week one of training at the pub, but unfortunately Lolly couldn’t join us because she was off to the Royal Albert Hall to see Eric Clapton

It was about five o’clock when we got there, but the pub was already packed with locals, and trainees from the Boeing 747 course running a few weeks ahead of us. Carl was the first one to strike up a conversation with one of the girls (gorgeous, of course) and we ended up sitting with their group. They’ve already done their supernumerary flights, and shared some funny stories of being onboard for the first time. Just hearing the places they went was exciting; Los Angeles, Miami, Delhi, and New York, just to name a few. I think the hours we spent in the pub allowed us to get to know each other much more than we’ve had a chance to this week.

Lorna decided to fly home to Scotland for the weekend, and Henry (I’m warming up to him slowly) offered to drop her off at Terminal 4. Sam asked Henry if he would mind giving us a lift to Hatton Cross, and I was so happy he did, because I really didn’t feel like walking.

By the time I got on the train, I felt slightly woozy from the wine I had at the pub, and wanted to snooze, but I knew if I fell asleep, I might miss my stop. I kept myself awake, by imagining where people on the train might be off to for the weekend!

When I finally got home, I rang the doorbell, but I had a feeling mum and dad weren’t home, because the kitchen light wasn’t on. The phone started ringing, and I fumbled in my bag to find my key. I thought it might be Ben on the phone, so I unlocked the door as fast as I could and dashed into the hall to pick up the phone.


“McGarr!” Jon exclaimed. “I was just about to hang up. What are you doing home on a Friday night?”

“I literally just got home, hold on a sec while I shut the door.”

I shut the front door, plopped down on the phone chair and picked up the receiver again. “Ok, I’m back. Talk for a minute while I sort myself out here,” I said, tossing the cushion off the chair, and tucking my feet underneath me.

“Only a minute. Is that all I get?”

I laughed, “No, take as long as you like. I’m not going anywhere.”

Jon asked about training, and I took my time filling him in on much of what transpired this week.

“I can’t believe the first week is already over.”

“That’s brilliant, you sound happy McGarr. I was actually ringing to see if you’re free tomorrow night.”

“Technically, yes, I am, but I have to be up early on Sunday morning to go to Gatwick airport.”

“I thought you were going to be based at Heathrow?”

“I will be, but, eh, Ben is coming home from Italy.”

I sensed the pause before Jon spoke. “I thought that was all done and dusted.”

“I thought so too, but we’ve been in touch quite a bit since I got back from the States, and, well…we’ll see.”

“I just had a few beers in the Harrow with Ralph and Rickie, and they said they’d love to see you at our gig tomorrow night. I was ringing to offer to come and pick you up, and suggest you stay at mine afterwards, in the spare room of course, but now…”

“That sounds great.”

“What?” I sensed the surprise in his voice.
“I said that sounds great. What time can you pick me up? Oh shit, wait, I can’t stay, I have to be here early on Sunday morning.”

“I know. You said that. I’ll take you home after the gig.”

“You live almost two hours away.”

“I’m aware of that,” he said, laughing. “I guess no beers for me tomorrow night.”


“That’s alright. Why don’t I pick you up at four, and we can grab some nosh down the pub before I go,” he exaggerated his tone, “onstage with the band.”

“Oohhhh, do I have to pretend I’m a groupie?”

“If I can’t have any beers, then yes, definitely.”

“Fair enough,” I said. “Are you sure you don’t mind all the driving?”

“I don’t mind at all McGarr. I’m looking forward to seeing you.”











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