February 5th, 1989

February 5th, 1989

At home

Spent the morning in my room, listening to the radio, cleaning out old clothes, and just stuff, in general. Gathered together six years worth of cards and letters from Ben, and put them all together in one place. Number one this week is “Something’s Gotten Hold of my Heart,” by Soft Cell and Gene Pitney, and while I was re-reading Ben’s letters, I couldn’t get the song out of my head. From reading last year’s letters, it was obvious Ben and I had some shitty times together, but it’s a New Year, and time for a fresh start.

Miriam rang mum, and they were on the phone for ages. At one point, whatever Miriam was saying, made mum laugh so much, she told Miriam she had to pee, and would be right back. Is that what I have to look forward to with Pamsy in our later years??? I love the fact that even although mum and Miriam live in different countries, they still keep in touch and can make each other laugh like that.

Once mum was off the phone, I tried getting a hold of Ben, but nobody picked up. Mum passed me in the hall and gave me “the look,” so I hung up.

“Go and get ready, and we’ll go out,” she said.

“I don’t feel like going out.”

“I’ll take you to the pictures. I’m sure there’s something on you’d like to see.”

Mum knows I absolutely love going to the cinema, and I knew she wanted to distract me, so I reluctantly agreed to go.

Mum wanted to see “Roger Rabbit,” and I was interested in “For Queen and Country,” with Denzel Washington, but they were both sold out, so we saw, “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” No need to explain why there were still tickets available for that one.

When we got home, dad suggested I go with him and mum, to H & M’s for dinner, but I wanted to ring Ben again to see if I could get a hold of him. No sooner were mum and dad out the door, and I was ringing Italy. I hung up after it rang forty times.

Mum and dad came home laden with chicken curry, and I made a glutton of myself with it. Harry really is an amazing cook, I love everything he makes but his curry is incredible. As full as I was, I still managed to find space for tea and two Club biscuits (I can never eat them without hearing the jingle, “if you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our Club.” Oh, the power of advertising!)

Need to get my uniform ready for tomorrow. At this rate I’ll need the next skirt size up, before I even operate my first flight!






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