February 7th, 1989

February 7th, 1989

At home

Standing room only on the train again this morning, fortunately I did my homework last night. The walk from Hatton Cross to Cranebank was the worst yet. It was totally brass monkeys, and it was hours before I warmed up.

I need to ring Jon, and find out how the car search is going. I only have a thousand pounds to spend, so I can’t expect too much, but anything will be better than standing on the train. It’s bad enough now, but when I’m coming home from a thirteen- hour flight, with a suitcase, it’ll be much worse.

We had an exam first thing and I got ninety-eight percent, guess I’ve been paying attention after all. Maisy didn’t do very well, and was asked to go for “a little chat,” with Sandra. I’d say, of the three trainers, Sandra is the one I’d least want to have a little chat with.

I think today was a turning point in many ways. In the canteen at lunchtime, I watched everyone coming and going, and I don’t know if being in uniform has anything to do with it, but it appears our group is beginning to gel together. Each person’s true colours started to show today, in one way or another, and except for Maisy, I think everyone is suited to crew life. I don’t know if it’s a nervous thing with her, but she doesn’t know when to stop talking. I know I can sometimes be a bit of a chatterbox, but I would hope I know when to zip it.

Maisy was sitting across the table from me at lunch, and was rabbiting on so much, she spilled her milk. Lorna was sitting beside her, and to quote mum, Lorna had “a face like thunder.” I was sitting between Meryl and Jenny, and they each commented that judging by Lorna’s reaction, they wouldn’t want to be in Maisy’s shoes.

I’m really enjoying getting to know everyone a little more each day. Initially, we all seemed completely different, but when I looked around today, I could imagine us all onboard, working together as a team. Not that we’ll ever fly together as a group, but hopefully along the way some of us will find ourselves on the same trip. I know it’s only week two of training, but I’m ready to get onboard and go somewhere!

I was hoping Ben would ring tonight, but not a peep from him. Not even a letter. I guess he’s waiting until Sunday. I’m already imagining what it’s going to be like seeing him again. Not to mention all the other stuff.

Be still my beating heart…



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