February 8th, 1989

February 8th, 1989

At home

It’s almost midnight and I still haven’t done my homework. Plus, we have another test tomorrow, but I’ve been paying close attention in class, so I’m not worried. I enjoyed everything we covered in the classroom today, and it feels like we’re well on our way to getting our Wings.

Our entire group went out for pizza after class. And somehow, pizza turned into drinks, and drinks turned into more drinks, and consequently I only got home an hour ago.

Mum was still up when I came in, and apparently I missed not one, but two calls from Ben. Arrggghhhh! I hope he rings again tomorrow night. I have so much to tell him.

My arm is sore, and slightly bruised, from the various injections we received today. After the first few, I lost track of what we were being immunized against. Sam said he felt slightly woozy after the first two, and had to sit down for a little while.

Lolly and I forewent lunch, for a trip to uniform stores, but neither of us could remember where the building is located (we are definitely on the same wavelength!) so we’ll try again tomorrow.

I’m so glad I joined this course, and not the one I was set to a week earlier. I can’t imagine that group being anything like the one I’m in.

Here’s my tuppence-worth, and three words to describe my impressions of everyone so far:

Lolly               Ebullient. Genuine. Lovely.

Lorna               Mature. Humorous. Engaging.

Meryl              Sincere. Innocent. Coquettish.

Barbara            Quirky. Clever. Uninhibited.

Rose                Straightforward. Calm. Cheerful.

Tina                 Delightful. Friendly. Talkative.

Carl                 Charming. Personable. Flirtatious.

Sam                 Witty. Likeable. Animated.

Jenny              Ethical. Considerate. Amiable.

Daniel              Forthright. Sociable. Unreserved.

Kimberly         Demure. Kind. Solemn.

Henry              Shy. Precise. Righteous.

Vince              Amusing. Trusting. Upfront.

Maisy              Talks. Too. Much.


I should probably start my homework.






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