February 13th, 1989

February 13th, 1989

At home

Monday, Monday. There’s a reason why there are so many songs about this, the shittiest day of the week.

Crept quietly back to the spare room at Ben’s in the early hours of this morning, after a blissful night in his little bed getting to know each other all over again. We spoke in whispers in his dark room with our bodies wrapped around each other and in between the kisses, the words “forever,” and “always,” escaped both our lips.

It was still dark out this morning when Ben walked me home. I hated saying goodbye to him and had to race to get ready so I wouldn’t miss the train.

Everyone in class appeared lethargic today (except me) and Carl teased me about how “energetic and full of it,” I was. Sam reminded Carl that “lover boy just got home from Italia,” and I won’t repeat anything they said after that. All of which was very amusing. And pretty accurate!

The day seemed to drag on and on and I counted down the hours and minutes all the way until the train finally pulled into the station. I was ecstatic to see Ben waiting for me on the platform, but I was in uniform and had to maintain my composure. However, once we were out of view, in his mum’s car, it was a different story.

We drove to mine first so I could change out of my uniform.

“I left some chicken in the fridge for you,” mum said. “I wasn’t sure what time you’d be home so dad and I already had ours. There’s enough for you as well Ben, if you’re hungry.”

Ben said “thanks” and mum went back into the living room. I heated up the roast chicken while Ben made tea for the four of us.

We stood at the kitchen sink kissing and feeding chunks of chicken to one another, while we waited for the kettle to boil. I was very aware of mum and dad’s presence in the next room, and had they been out, I have no doubt Ben and I would’ve gotten totally carried away.

Ben carried the tray with tea and biscuits into the living room and we chatted to mum and dad for a little while. They’re always interested to hear what happened in class and dad always asks if I have homework, as if I’m still at school. I told him I already did it on the train home.

On our way out, dad said, “don’t be too late.” Ben laughed when, out of view of my dad, I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be,” I said closing the door to the living room. In the hallway, Ben pinched my bum then grabbed me and we had a quick snog before we left.

Whilst we were hanging up our coats in Ben’s hallway, Susan said, “I left a plate of chicken in the fridge for you my loves. And there’s salad too.”

Ben and I smiled at each other and before he could speak, I said, “That sounds lovely Susan, thank you.”

While the kettle boiled in the kitchen, out of sight of his parents, I tilted Ben’s head back and slowly dropped pieces of chicken into his mouth.
“Stop that, you minx,” he said quietly, with a huge grin.

“Stop what?” I asked, pretending not to know what he was referring to.

We sat together on the couch and with my legs slung across Ben’s lap, we watched ‘The Hitcher,’ which was just as terrifying and brilliant as always. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to watch it without hiding behind my hands.

We left Ben’s at eleven and that short fifteen-minute walk, with kissing breaks, turned into almost forty minutes. I’m so glad it was dark!






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