March 10th, 1989

March 10th, 1989

At home

Today felt momentous and I’m relieved knowing it’s all over. I tried getting a hold of Ben tonight to share my good news with him, but nobody picked up. I really hope I can talk to him this weekend.

Early start this morning at Lolly’s, with much excitement knowing (hoping!) we’d all pass and finally get our Wings. I think after such a big night out, we’d typically feel much, much worse, but just knowing today was our Wings Ceremony, the excitement and adrenaline replaced what should have been a nasty hangover.

I was one of the first from our group to be called for “The Final Interview,” and I must admit, walking down the hall, I felt a bit nervous. The door to the office was ajar and I poked my head in.


“Morning Karen,” Jeffrey said, looking up from behind the desk. “Have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

“So, Karen, how do you think you did on the course, overall?”

“I’d say very well.”

“Do you feel confident about what you’ve learned here in the past six weeks?”

“Yes. I do.”

“And do you feel you’re equipped to offer the best service possible onboard to our passengers?”


His questioning expression told me he’d hoped for a more involved answer to the question. “Because?”

“Because the training has been so thorough,” I said in my most confident tone.

“Good, good. That’s good,” he said, scribbling notes on a page of British Airways letterhead.

“And how do you feel you’d perform in an emergency situation?”

“Calmly and efficiently.”

He looked up from his notes, “Excellent choice of words,” he said, continuing to scribble. “Do you have any concerns about being away from home on long trips?”

“Not at all,” I said, maintaining my posture in the rather uncomfortable chair.

He smiled. “Do you have any questions or comments about the course?”

“I think we worked very well together as a group.”

“I agree. Is there anything else you’d like to add?”

“I think the course was nicely paced and very well presented.”

“Thank you,” he said, putting down his pen. “Do you feel suited to life as British Airways long haul cabin crew?”

“Definitely,” I said, with my biggest smile.” I can’t wait to get onboard again.”

“Excellent,” he said, standing up.

I followed his lead and shook his outstretched hand. “Thank you Jeffrey.”

“Thank you Karen. Welcome to British Airways. I wish you luck and I look forward to flying with you.”


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