March 24th, 1989

March 24th, 1989

Shuttle from BDA-TPA-BDA

Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda

Not a peep from Annabel this morning, even though last night, stumbling back into her room, she said she’d open her adjoining door the minute she woke up. We didn’t get too carried away with the rum, in fact I only had two of Annabel’s creations. Even she admitted she didn’t know what she was hoping to achieve by adding different mixers and fruits to the rum, but the end result was yummy. Of course throughout the cocktail making and drinking process, Annabel grilled me big time on Jon and then of course Ben (never takes long for his name to come up.)

“Is he Benjamin?”
“No, just Ben.”

“And his family name?”

“You mean his surname?” I teased.

“Yes, yes,” she said, waving her arm around.

After I told her, she responded with “ghastly.”

I couldn’t contain my laughter. “Annabel, you are a dreadful snob.”

“Perhaps,” she laughed.

I slid a note under Annabel’s door this morning before going to meet Lolly. We used the scooters for the last time and found another almost deserted beach, pure bliss. Back at the hotel, we flew kites around the pool and caught up with some others from Lolly’s crew. At one point, Annabel appeared on her balcony and waved to us like she would a crowd at Buckingham Palace.

Flight time to Tampa from Bermuda was just under three hours. Three very hectic hours, where we didn’t stop. In the terminal, I had a quick bite to eat with Annabel and Suzanne then I tried ringing Miriam in Orlando, but only got the answering machine. Next, I rang Liza.

“Hi Liza, it’s Karen”.

“Oh what a lovely surprise. Where are you, honey?”

“Tampa. On a very short turn around. We’re staying in Bermuda, this is only a quick hop.”

“Lucky you. Too bad it’s a flying visit, oh excuse the pun.”

I laughed.

“I’d offer to come and pick you up if you had more time.”

“That would have been lovely. How are you all?” I asked.

“Aye, we’re all doing well. It’s funny you should call, because I’m just off the phone with Gabriel. I was hoping he was calling back to let me know he’d be back for Easter after all but his girlfri…Maria didn’t want to…anyway that’s that.”

Uh-oh, I thought, Maria playing up again.

“That’s a shame. How about Scottie?”

“He cannae make it either but I wasn’t expecting him to with his work and that.”

“Sorry, I know how much you love having your kids around.”

“Aye, you know we well. I’m sure your mammy’s the same when you’re around.”

I laughed. “I hope so.”

“Will you be home for Easter?”

“Yes and my Nana and my cousin are coming down from Scotland so I’m really looking forward to seeing them.”

“Sounds like you’ll have a nice Easter.”

“My Nana always spends it with us. How’s Carina, is she about?”

“Do you think I’d get you to myself like this if she was here? She’d have already grabbed the phone from me.”

“That’s too bad I missed her, please tell her I send my love. And Kevin, I mean, Mr. Z as well.”

“Kevin is fine, you know us well enough. And I’ll tell both of them. Just the other night Carina and I were looking through the photo’s from when you were here, saying how much we enjoyed your visit”

“It was such a great time. I’ll never forget it.”

“Well let us know when you’re going to be in Orlando again.”

“I will, sorry Liza but it looks like I have to get going.”

“Ok honey, is that you back off to Bermuda?”

“It is.”

“What a life. Enjoy it all while you’re young and single.”

“Tell everyone I send my love.”

“Take care honey, thanks for the lovely surprise.”

“You take care too, bye Liza. Happy Easter.”

Managed a few words with Lolly when she boarded with her crew in Bermuda to take the flight home to Heathrow. I’m so glad we got to enjoy Bermuda together and we agreed to meet up at home as soon as possible.

It was almost eleven when the crew transport arrived back at the hotel but Annabel claimed she wouldn’t be able to sleep without at least “a few glasses of champers coursing through my blood stream.” So, of course, I walked into town with her and helped her fulfill her wish.







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