March 30th, 1989

March 30th, 1989

At home

Just had a call from British Airways letting me know there might be a delay to the Lagos flight tomorrow. I hope it’s only a delay and nothing that will disrupt the trip, otherwise I’ll be placed on standby and could go anywhere (or nowhere.) That could mean missing Ben’s first few days back in the country. And that simply cannot happen.

Mum has been full of the joys today after finding out Dustin Hoffman took home the Oscar last night for his portrayal as Raymond, in “Rain Man.” The film also won; Best Director, Best Film and Best Screenplay. Imagine writing an entire movie, what an incredible feat. I guess Ben and I will be seeing “Rain Man,” together in the not too distant future.

Went for a walk with mum, Nana and Ann and ended up at The Victoria Inn, in Bradwell Village, the scene of many a fun evening spent with Lucy and Sarah during our school years. It was one of those gorgeous days where the English weather co-operated and felt so pleasant sitting in the garden enjoying a Ploughman’s lunch.

Through the years when asked where I live, it’s amazing how many people have responded with, “Oh, home of the concrete cows.” Who would imagine an art installation would become such a prominent part of a place? Today, while we were in the field with the cows, we talked to a couple here on holiday from Germany who knew all about the history of the concrete cows and how they came to be. I had no idea the creator of the six landmark cows was a Canadian artist in residence who created not only the cows, but also several other local sculptures.

This evening, we drove to Willen Lake and had a lovely walk around. Ann fed the swans and we took a bunch of pictures around The Peace Pagoda. It was still warm when we got back so we sat in the garden enjoying tea and biscuits.

It’s been a really nice day, enjoying the sights I usually take for granted.









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