March 31st, 1989

March 31st, 1989

At home

Couldn’t get hold of anyone at British Airways this morning so I left home in the hope that there would only be a delay to the Lagos flight. Didn’t feel quite ready to drive to Heathrow yet, especially during rush hour on a Friday morning, so I once again did the taxi, train, tube routine.

In my mail slot at work, was a note from Annabel, scribbled on a monogrammed correspondence card.

Greetings Miss McGarr,

Did you finally come to your senses and break if off with big, bad Ben? (Oh I do hope so!)

If so, did you meet up with that fetching car chap of yours? (Oh I do hope so!)

I thoroughly enjoyed being flat mates with you in Bermuda and feel we ought to perhaps request a trip together. Thoughts?

Off to The Big Apple, albeit only on a night stop but I wish you were on it. I have a feeling we would find our way into some fascinating territory (I actually do find some Yanks almost acceptable.)

Do get back to me upon your return from LOS (I shan’t say anything about it, I trust you will feel the same.)

She signed it, “Affectionately yours,” with her name in oversized cursive.


Six hours after leaving home and spending a small fortune on public transport (when I have a car sitting at home!) I walked through the front door.

Mum came into the hallway from the kitchen with a look of concern on her face.

“What happened?”

“The Lagos flight had a huge delay and consequently I was taken off the trip.”

Ann appeared, “Karen!” she exclaimed, giving me a cuddle. “Nana and I just got cream cakes at the shops. Do you want one?”

“Oh yes please.”

Nana was sitting at the kitchen table. “Hi Nana,” I said, giving her a hug.

“Hello hen. No Nigeria? Was it Nigeria you were going to?” she asked.

Removing my jacket and hanging it on the back of the chair, I said, “Yeah it was but now I’m on twenty-four hour standby.”

“What does that mean?” asked Ann excitedly.

“It means that if British Airways need me for a trip, they have to give me at least twenty- four hours notice.”

“That’s good. Right?” asked Ann. “Can I try your jacket on?”

I nodded my head yes and passed my jacket to her.

“It’s good that I’m home and can see you and Nana again but it won’t be good if I get called away for a while and miss Ben coming home.”

I ignored “the look” mum gave me.

Tonight, we all went to H&M’s for dinner, delicious as always. Lots of talk of the “auld days in Glesga,” with dad and Harry and even Nana got in on the chatter, which was amusing because Nana has a tendency to be more on the quiet side. When dad and Harry are in each other’s company, it’s easy to see why they’re each other’s oldest friends. And when it comes to Glaswegian humour, they’re definitely two peas in a pod.

Suzi and Ann kept themselves occupied playing with Suzi’s many dolls and Disney soft toys. I joined them on the floor and allowed the pair of them to boss me around, telling me how I should “dress that dolly,” and “do her hair like this.” Of course I loved every second of it and did everything they “suggested.”

I got up this morning thinking I’d be going to bed in Lagos and instead, here I am, back at home in my own bed. I can’t stop thinking about Ben and the fact he’ll be home so soon. I think when he’s away, I put him to the back of my head so I can get on with things and not become too distracted. But now I know he’ll be back in less than forty-eight hours, it’s like my feelings for him come to the forefront again and the excitement I feel is palpable. Not to mention the prospect of the many, incredible things we do so well together!




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