April 1st, 1989

April 1st, 1989

At home

Took Ann to see “The Accidental Tourist” with Kathleen Turner, Geena Davis and the very yummy William Hurt (and oh that voice of his!) I absolutely loved the film but I think it was too mature for a thirteen year old. I actually found parts of it painful to watch and found my mind wandering to when Ben was going out with Caroline. The only consolation is that’s all in the past and I’m with him now.

Mum and dad seemed a bit agitated tonight so when Sarah rang and asked if I wanted to meet for a drink at The Point, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Halfway there it occurred to me it was the first time I’d actually ever driven by myself and it felt good but I know when I finally drive to Heathrow it’ll be a whole different matter.

Met Sarah, Simon and two of his guy friends whose names I don’t even remember. Yes, they were that dull! I don’t do well hiding my disdain in social situations I’m not enjoying but didn’t want to come across as rude. After about an hour I whispered to Sarah that I had to go.

“No,” she whined. “You can’t leave.”

“Sorry, I have to be up early in the morning.”

One of Simon’s nondescript friends made a comment about flying somewhere “exotic.”

“Actually,” I said, pushing my chair back from the table, “I’m meeting my boyfriend at the airport in the morning. He’s returning from working in Italy.”

Of course as soon as my words tumbled out, I regretted them and knew I needed to make a hasty exit.

“He’s coming home already?” Sarah asked. “Seems like he just left.”

I joined everyone in the living room at home and as soon as I sat down, dad said he doesn’t want me, “disappearing,” once Ben is home. What I wanted to say was, “I would hardly call it disappearing when you know where I’ll be,” but I could tell he was in no mood to hear that so I kept my mouth shut.

In less than thirteen hours I’ll be kissing Ben again.



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