April 5th, 1989

April 5th, 1989

Flight from LGW – ATH

Hotel Athenaeum, Athens, Greece

Well, here I am in Athens, feeling rather famished and definitely inebriated! I just ordered room service, so hopefully it’ll be here really soon.

My room is beautiful. The bed is huge and I’m so alone without my beautiful Ben. I keep thinking about some of the stuff he insisted on telling me last night and I still think there are things he should have kept to himself. I don’t need to know everything that happened while he was in Italy, especially since we weren’t even going out with each other. I haven’t told him everything. Have I? Shit, I don’t even know. I really am quite drunk but I have to say, it doesn’t feel awful. Yet.

Ben drove me to the airport first thing this morning and there was so much traffic. I’m not looking forward to driving during rush hour. Actually I’m not looking forward to driving any kind of distance anytime, I really don’t like it. The good thing is that the drive allowed us time to talk.

“Should I be concerned about you getting stoned in Greece?” Ben asked.

I laughed. “No. It was a passing phase. I’m already over it.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded my head yes. “I’m sure. I feel better now. Everything looks better in the light.”

“Especially you,” he said, sliding his hand from my knee, up to my thigh. “I’ll miss you babe.”

“I’ll miss you too but I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“I’ll still miss you,” he said, squeezing my thigh.

The flight was delayed by several hours and the passengers were not amused. Nor was I! Do people realize that we don’t want to be delayed either? I’m so ravenous, where the hell is room service?

The heat was evident the second the aircraft door was opened and it only seemed to build as the day wore on. We arrived in the late afternoon and most of my crew met up and went to a tiny bar in the square, right across from the hotel. We started off drinking wine then some evil person suggested ouzo, which should be renamed booze-o. That’s the point at which everything started to get a bit blurry. There were some really yummy looking guys wandering around the square this afternoon. That memory is not blurry! If I don’t eat soon I might pass out.

We carried a body today, as in a dead one. Several of the family members were onboard and it was awful witnessing their sorrow. Just before we landed, the daughter of the deceased man came into the galley and gave me a cuddle. “Thank you, thank you,” she kept saying. Ugh, so sad. She was “coming home,” with her two brothers to bury their Father beside their Mother, here in Athens, the place where they were all born.

Writing that just made me cry.






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