April 7th, 1989

April 7th, 1989

Flight from LGW – ATH

Presently on a very busy night flight back to Athens. I only have twenty minute’s crew rest, just enough time for two cups of tea, a few biscuits and a diary entry!

Woke up early at the Copthorne Hotel with Ben this morning in that huge bed. Two people wildly in love and all that…ok enough of that but I do have to say…sooooo good!

I had to track down Dennis, our Cabin Service Director and found him sitting in the shade in the hotel garden, engrossed in some scandalous news item in the Daily Mail.

“Morning Dennis.”

“Morning? It’s almost time for Elevenses. What are you two lovebirds up to?”

“I was hoping to get permission to leave the hotel for the day.”

“Oh you were, were you?” He bowed his head and in a very exaggerated move, he tipped his glasses onto the tip of his nose. Peering up at us, he asked, “To do what and go where?”

Including Ben in my hand gesture, I said, “We’re planning on going to Brighton.”

“Can you pop in and feed my cat?”

“You live in Brighton?” I asked.

As soon as he said, “Hove, actually,” the three of us burst out laughing. I’ve yet to meet anyone who can tell you they live in Hove, without adding, “actually.”

“I imagine you’ll be driving?” Dennis asked.

“Yes, well, Ben will probably drive.” I looked at Ben. “Right?” He nodded his head yes.

“Oh good,” I said. “I hate driving.”

Dennis swung his legs out from under the heavy wooden table. “I’m with you on that, been flying almost twenty-five years and I’ve yet to drive to work.”

“You don’t like driving either?” I asked.

“I never did learn how to drive. No desire whatsoever.”

“I’ve yet to drive any sort of distance. I’m actually dreading it.” I said.

“Listen to you two,” Ben chipped in. “You fly all over the place but you don’t like driving.”

“Some of us prefer speed and elevation, don’t we darling?” Dennis removed his glasses and placed them on the table. “Reassure me young lady, that you’ll be back in time for pick up.”

“I promise to be back in plenty of time for pick up,” I blurted.

“And you won’t partake of anything remotely resembling alcohol?” he asked, grinning.

“Are you kidding? After that ouzo overload in Athens? No, I’m good for a while.”

“I know not what you speak of,” Dennis said, crossing his legs, resting his hands on his knee.

“Funny,” I said, pointing to Dennis. “I could swear the person who suggested ouzo looked just like you.”

“Middle-aged, slightly overweight, balding men, darling, we all start to look the same you know. Unlike you pretty young things.”

“Must’ve been your evil twin,” I laughed.

Dennis winked and waved his hands. “Well, off you go. Have a fab day the pair of you.”

We stopped in Horsham first and when we got to Brighton, I rang Stephen from a payphone close to the pier, but he wasn’t home. I’d love to have introduced him to Ben but it was not to be. Had a lovely walk along the seafront, lined with some of my favourite Regency style architecture, so stunning.

Walked past the house I lived in with Cornithia at the start of Air Europe days and Ben and I had a good laugh about the “cast of characters” I lived with, none of whom he actually ever got to meet because we’d split up at that point.


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