April 8th, 1989

April 8th, 1989

Flight from ATH – LGW

At Ben’s

Since yesterday’s diary entry, I’ve been to Greece and back again! It’s now three in the morning and I’m at Ben’s but I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Arrived in Athens in the very early hours of the morning and it felt eerie travelling through such deserted streets that are typically chock-a-block. Because of the hour, it didn’t take long checking in at the hotel. The best part of check in isn’t getting a room key, it’s getting a little brown envelope, stashed with local currency.

As cabin crew, we get basic pay, plus any overtime but in addition to that, we get paid allowances for the duration of the trip. Those allowances are calculated on the cost of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in whichever hotel we happen to be staying in. We never stay in anything less than a four star hotel, so the cost to eat in such a place is not inexpensive. Of course the majority of crew never eats in the hotel. Why would we, when there are so many local, much less expensive places to eat?

Having said that, I didn’t leave my room! After a lengthy, much needed sleep, I woke up feeling especially esurient, so I promptly ordered a Greek salad and chocolate mousse (what a combo!) from room service and once I’d polished it all off I got back into bed. Dozed on and off to some decent and some not so decent movies and soon it was time to fly back to Gatwick.

Flight time home was only three hours forty minutes and in customs at LGW I met Daniel (from training.) He’d just come back from Banjul and regaled me with tales of what sounded like a fantastic trip. He mentioned “champagne” and “lobster” enough times that I now need to go there! Daniel’s crew and mine shared crew transport back to Heathrow and what a noisy coach that was. It was great to catch up with him and hear how much he’s enjoying life with BA.

Ben was in my car, waiting for me outside TriStar House and as always, I felt elated to see him. We couldn’t get too carried away kissing due to me being in uniform but we certainly made up for it an hour and a half later when we got to his.

Our evening started out magically (Ben’s parents are away for the weekend) but as the night wore on, I felt the atmosphere changing. Ben went into one of his quiet, detached moods and I felt tired and really didn’t have the energy to ask what the matter was, so I refrained from saying anything.

We went to bed a couple of hours ago and since then, I’ve been racking my brain, going over what I might have said to make Ben act distant again but I honestly can’t think of anything. I decided to get up because I don’t feel I can sleep. I loathe times like this but more than that I hate the fact that I don’t understand what’s happening.


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