April 13th, 1989

April 13th, 1989

At home

Here’s a list of questions I need answers to:

Am I too needy?

Do I take things too seriously?

Is it wrong that I want to spend most of my time with Ben after he’s been away for so long? (and will be leaving again soon.)

Is it normal to feel jealous like I did today at Ben’s, when he spent twenty minutes on the phone talking to Helena (during which time I sat in the kitchen and consumed at least two thousand calories.)

Am I wrong in thinking that talking about the past serves no purpose whatsoever?

How should I react when Ben tells me he needs “space,” and what the fuck does he even mean by that?

Am I mad for still loving a guy who infuriates me like no other?

Do I really think things with Ben will ever change?

And will it ever feel magical again like it used to?


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