April 16th, 1989

April 16th, 1989

Torquay, Cornwall

The talk in the dining room this morning over breakfast, was about what happened in Sheffield yesterday. Most of the guests are old enough to be our grandparents but I have to say they were all very sweet to us and asked if we knew anyone who might have been at the match yesterday. Fortunately, I don’t believe we do. The newspapers had varying versions of what transpired but according to some of the old blokes this morning, they were of the belief that one of the stands collapsed after too many people were allowed access to that area of the stadium. It all happened just six minutes into the match. It’s difficult to fathom how so many people could lose their lives at a football match.

After breakfast, Ben and I got in the car with no plans for anything or anywhere in particular. We ended up in Exeter, where we strolled around, taking in the sights. I especially loved the old cottages with their thatched roofs, although the entire area was very twee.

Between the Cornish pasties and cream teas (we slathered the scones in clotted cream) we must have consumed at least five thousand calories apiece.

After leaving the café, we sauntered around the various shops and Ben asked if I was enjoying myself.

“Oh I just love it here.”

“I can tell,” he said and kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s so pretty isn’t it? I really loved the swirly glass windowpanes in the café.” Ben gave me a questioning look. “The windowpanes on the old front door,” I said.

“Swirly glass?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, the heavy glass that makes everything appear distorted when you peer through it. It’s so old-fashioned, you rarely see it anywhere nowadays.”

“I wonder what it’s really called,” he said.

“Swirly glass,” I said in a singsong voice.

Ben laughed, “Well whatever it’s called we shall refer to it from hereon in as swirly glass. Ooh look,” he said, pointing, “up ahead.”

“What is it?”

“A fudge shop.”

“Oh no,” I groaned, “ I couldn’t possibly eat anything else.”

“I bet they have clotted cream fudge.”

That got my attention, “Do you think so?” I asked, feeling my step quickening.

“Let’s go and find out.”


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