April 19th, 1989

April 19th, 1989

At home

Started the day with a delicious breakfast at The Kings Arms. Unfortunately when we checked out, it was absolutely pouring and neither of us fancied walking in the rain so we just got in the car and left. Didn’t get to see much of Salisbury, but as Ben pointed out, we can always go back.

Stopped at Stonehenge and the parking lot was filled with coaches. Ben expressed a desire to leave but I really love Stonehenge and figured since we were already there, we might as well stay.

There was a long queue at the entrance but the rain had stopped and the sun was out. The last time Ben and I were there (a few years ago) you could walk right up to the stones and touch them. Not anymore. The stones are cordoned off and it’s just not the same experience. Having said that, I still enjoyed being there.

Next stop was in Oxford, where we got into a bit of an argument over the pettiest thing (isn’t that always the way?) We were in Sweeney Todd’s at the time and an encounter such as that would typically have ruined the remainder of the day for me. I’d usually pout and retreat into myself but I knew it wasn’t the time, so I bit the bullet.

“I don’t want to fight with you. In two days you’re heading to Spain for, I don’t even know how long.”

Ben sighed. “At least five month’s, if not more.”

“I don’t know when and if I’ll even be able to come and see you, because after all the time I’ve had off, who knows when I’ll have leave again.”

Scooting his chair closer to mine, he asked, “So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying I love you and I don’t want to spend our last forty-eight hours arguing.”

With a huge grin, he asked, “So you’re apologizing?”

“I didn’t say that.”

He was still grinning. “You’re not apologizing?”

Leaning into him, I said, “Just shut up and kiss me.”

By the time we left Sweeney Todd’s all was well in the world again, so much so that I offered to drive home. It’s usually only an hour home from Oxford but we got caught in rush hour traffic and it was well over two hours before I pulled up outside Ben’s.

“Are you coming in?” he asked.
“No, I better get home but ring me in the morning.”

We kissed goodbye. “I’ll ring you later tonight babe.”

Lots to catch up on with mum and dad, then mum made cheese on toast before we sat down to watch the news. Mum and dad both had tears in their eyes when the segment gave updates on the Hillsborough disaster and when it was over, mum went around the living room lighting candles for, as she said, “the poor souls that lost their lives.”

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