April 23rd, 1989

April 23rd, 1989

At home

It was close to three this morning when Pamsy and I got home from a fantastic night out, first at Boswell’s and TJ’s in Eastbourne, then a party at Guy’s on Parker Road, where we danced for hours to our favourite Johnny Hates Jazz cassette.

Consequently, it was already eleven when Pamsy woke me up with a cup of tea. As usual, we sat on her bed, dissecting the events of the previous evening.

“What did you think of Ollie?” she asked.

“Max’s brother?”


“He’s really good looking isn’t he?”

“Cor,” Pamsy said, nodding her head enthusiastically. “They both are. I think Ollie liked you. He asked me if you have a boyfriend.”

“What did you say?”

“I said no and that you are very single.”

“I am not.”

“I wasn’t going to start explaining Ben’s life and whereabouts to someone in a club who clearly likes you.”

“I suppose. Do you like Max?”

“Oh yes. Why are you smirking?” she asked.

“I could tell he liked you as well.”

“Imagine if we went out with two brothers? That could be interesting.”

“Ah, if only I didn’t have a boyfriend.”

Pamsy hit me with her pillow. “Do you want breakfast or should we just go to the pub and have lunch?”


Half an hour later we were sitting in the garden at The Denbigh, with Pamsy’s friend Al. Dave the Wave showed up alone and asked if he could join us. He was in a very chatty mood and when he went to the loo, Al made a comment that Dave seems much happier when Henny’s not around.

Dave invited Pamsy and I over to see the flat he just bought with Dickie. When we got there, Dickie and his girlfriend Shaza were on the couch, draped all over each other. The fact that we were there didn’t deter them from any and all displays of lust. Lust is loud.

When we got back to Pamsy’s, she crimped my hair in preparation for our photo shoot and plastered my face in make-up. We spent hours dressing up in all sorts of outfits, taking pictures of each other. I can’t wait to see how the pictures come out. Pamsy will send them to me after she gets them developed.

The drive home took four miserable hours that have left me feeling cross and in a very ratty mood.


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