April 25th, 1989

April 25th, 1989

At home

Tuesday night and I’m tipsy. Just writing that has given me a fit of the giggles and now my writing is all over the place. Phew, my head is spinning quite a bit, must try and keep it up rather than looking down to write. Ah, that’s better! What a great, unexpected evening it was at the Winter Gardens.

I felt fine leaving Dukes Wine Bar so I think this state of “tipsiness” happened in the Zoo Bar whilst we were heavily engrossed in a conversation about life and love and where we think we might end up. I have a feeling he’ll get what he wants out of life, he’s just that sort of person.

Really nice morning at home, relaxing in the garden, enjoying the sun until it got overcast. Mum and I were getting ready to go out when the phone rang.


“McGarr. What a pleasant surprise catching you in the country. How are you?”

I laughed. “I’m fine thanks, how are you Jon?”

“Excellent. Listen, I’m coming up your way this afternoon for a meeting. Just wondering if you’ll be about later to go out for a drink?”

“Eh, I think I’ll be around.”

Mum came into the hall and asked who was on the phone. I put my hand over the receiver, “It’s Jon.”

Her eyes lit up and I shooed her away.

“Are you there McGarr?”

“Yes, sorry, that was my mum asking me something.”

“How is your mum?”

“She’s well, thanks.”

“And your dad?”

“He’s been a bit poorly for the past few days but he went to work this morning so he must be on the mend.”

“That’s good. So I’ll swing by and get you around six?”

“Eh, well I suppo..”

“I’ll ring you if the meeting runs late. Gotta go. See you later McGarr. Bye.”


And that’s the reason I’m tipsy on a Tuesday night.







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