April 27th, 1989

April 27th, 1989

At home

Lovely day catching up with friends and writing letters.

I finally got to meet up with Jojo, after a lengthy absence. She’s pregnant! I was delighted to hear her news, so exciting. She’ll be such a lovely mummy. We reminisced about our days working together in the dreary lawyer’s office and both agreed that we never want to work in such an environment again. It’s been months since I last caught up with her but it felt as though we’d just seen each other recently. I think that’s what true friendship is, when you can just pick up from where you left off with no effort, regardless of how long it’s been.

Busy afternoon on the phone with;

Carl – Always has a funny story to share about his trips. There was talk of me possibly spending time at his during my next block of standby, which is coming up shortly.

Sam – What a great character he is. He’s off to Kuwait tonight but clearly wasn’t looking forward to his trip.

Jon – Still teasing me about how “tipsy” I was the other night. He asked if I wanted to go out again this weekend but I told him I’ll be in Bermuda.

Simone – Still as mad as a hatter and by far, the best landlady I could ever have hoped for. I really miss her and the tenants at Birch Road. Must get down there and visit at some point soon. There was never a dull moment living in that house, it was the sort of place books are written about.

Pamsy – Another weekend invitation I can’t accept. She’s anxious for me to get back down there so we can go clubbing and enjoy the beach.

How could I ever be bored???

Mum has been saying for ages how much she wanted to see “The Dead Pool,” so we finally went to The Point to see it. She loves Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan and with the way she gushed over him, not only during the film, but also all the way home, I’d say she enjoyed it.

When we got home, I played my new Gipsy Kings cd and mum and I danced around the living room, pretending to be flamenco dancers! Mum is a fantastic dancer, she has so much energy and gets really into it. I sat down long before she did!

I really hoped Ben would ring, but it was not to be. I fear he may revert back to last year’s behaviour, when he was in Spain and kept forgetting to get in touch with me. I hated how little we spoke to each other and when we did, it felt strained and unnatural.

I love Ben so much but when we’re together I sometimes feel that I’m not as easygoing as I usually am. He winds me up something rotten and I need to learn how to not let him get to me and just brush things off, so, I’m going to make an effort to change that about myself.


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