May 1st, 1989

May 1st, 1989

Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda

This trip is turning out to be very different to the one I envisaged and I’ll leave it at that for now.

After just four hours of sleep last night (more like in the early hours of this morning) I still felt tipsy and could’ve easily gone back to sleep but I didn’t want to waste time snoozing, when I could be out and about, cruising around the island.

True to Cabin Crew form, the majority of us from last night’s escapades, met in the lobby at nine this morning. In the few months since I joined BA, I’ve found that, regardless of where we are in the world or what the time difference is, there’s always a token group of Crew that shows up for breakfast.

When I got to the lobby, Alison was sitting with her sunglasses on.

“Rough night?” I asked.

“Ace night,” she croaked, “but I think I’m losing my voice.”

“It was a brilliant night,” I said. “And very unexpected.”

She gave me a questioning look and raised her eyebrows. “Is Travis not joining us for breakfast?”

“I don’t know,” I said cockily. “Did you invite him?”

She laughed and whispered, “Didn’t he stay with you?”

“No, he did not,” I stated, in not my quietest tone. “He left the bar shortly after you and Patty did and I went to my room. Alone.”

“Oh ok,” she said, not sounding convinced. “You know, I don’t usually go for blondes but I have to say, I did quite fancy him myself.”

I nodded my head. “He was lovely wasn’t he? That hair and those eyes, ah! If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would definitely have snogged him.”

She slid her sunglasses down her nose. “You didn’t even snog him?”

“No, of course I didn’t.”

After breakfast, a bunch of us caught the ferry over to the Southampton Princess. It’s the sister hotel of ours and is also pink! We spent most of the day on the beach, going between lounging and swimming. I usually hate being in a swimsuit but today, with the girls, I just focused on enjoying myself, relaxing and not worrying about my weight.

We came back to the hotel around six and at seven I met up with Alison and Patty again.

On the walk into town, I commented on the size of the cruise ship that came into view once we rounded the corner.

“Didn’t you see it last night?” Patty asked.

“We were too pissed to notice anything last night,” Alison chipped in.

“I’d love to see what it looks like inside,” I said.

“We should go and ask for a tour of it,” said Patty. “The Captain was saying last night, that with our British Airways ID cards, they’ll allow us onboard to take a look.”

“Really?” I asked, feeling excited at the prospect of seeing the interior of the gargantuan vessel. “Do either of you have your ID on you?”

“I do,” Alison said.

“Of course,” Patty said, patting her fake Chanel handbag.

“Let’s go and take a look,” I suggested.

“Should we get a drink first?” Patty asked.

“We can get a drink on the ship,” said Alison.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

Alison laughed. “Who’s going to refuse us?”

Half an hour later we were walking around the Lido deck, marveling at the size of the ship and how easily the rum based cocktails were going down. I heard my name being called and instinctively looked to where the voice was coming from.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw Travis, waving at us, from the opposite side of the pool.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Alison. “Did you know he would be here?” she asked, sounding slightly suspicious.

“No, not even,” I said.

We waited while Travis walked around the pool towards us.

“Hey y’all,” he said, beaming.

“Hello Travis,” Alison purred, giving him a bit more than a friendly cuddle.

“This is one heck of a surprise,” he said, giving Patty a hug.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m on vacation with my family.” We hugged and he kissed my flushed cheek. “This is crazy. What’re y’all doing here?”

“We wanted to see the ship,” cooed Alison.

“I’d love to show y’all around but right now I’m fixin to go to dinner with my family. Have y’all eaten?”

“Not yet,” Patty said, stressing the latter word.

“Then y’all need to follow me to the dining room. My family will get a real kick outta y’all.”

“That sounds lovely,” Patty said, “but are you sure it’s ok?”

“I’m more than sure,” he said, looking directly at me. “Please tell me you’re hungry, Karen.”

I couldn’t help but smile at him. “I am actually. What do you say girls?”

“Sounds brill,” they said, in unison.

That was six hours ago! We had dinner with Travis and his extended family (I think there were eighteen of them in total!) in the nicely appointed dining room. When dinner was over, his grandfather insisted we “go dancing” with them. And dance we did. Those Southern boys definitely know how to move!

I had such good fun with Travis (again!) He’s completely different to anyone I’ve ever met and his accent is so pronounced, I swear if we weren’t flying home tomorrow, I’d be talking just like him in no time!

Travis walked back to the hotel with us (just like he did last night) and the four of us went to the hotel bar (just like we did last night!) Alison and Patty eventually left and Travis and I continued talking. I told him I have a boyfriend who’s working in Spain, to which he replied, “That sure is a crazy set up y’all got going.”

He asked if he could walk me to my room and I didn’t think that was the best idea so we said goodbye outside the front doors of the hotel. It was beautiful out tonight (two am!) with the palms swaying and the amazing fragrant air that I love here.

I’m not going to lie, I really wanted to kiss him but I kept thinking about Ben and how awful I would feel if I found out he met a girl he really liked and kissed her.


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