May 5th, 1989

May 5th, 1989

At Pamsy’s, Sussex

Certainly wasn’t expecting to be here tonight!

Went shopping with mum this morning. She bought me loud green shorts and a vivid pink top to match. And I found a gorgeous off the shoulder top that I just had to have but I doubt I’ll be wearing it in this climate.

Mum and I were in the kitchen drinking tea, if only to warm us up, when the phone rang.


“Hiya darling.”

“Carl! What a surprise. How’s things?”

“Couldn’t be better. I just wanted to let you know you can stay here during standby.”

“I can? Fantastic. So, it’s ok with your parents?” I asked.

“Yeah, my mum said she’s looking forward to meeting you.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting her too. Don’t worry, I won’t share any of your sordid secrets with her.”

He laughed. “You out on the town tonight?”

“I don’t think so but it’s still early, so you never know. How ‘bout you?”

“I’ll be going down the pub with some of the boys.”

“That sounds dangerous.”

“Yeah, hopefully,” he laughed.

“Tell your mum and dad I appreciate them letting me stay and I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

A minute after I hung up, the phone rang again.


“Guess what?”

“What?” I asked.

“I got through standby without being called out. You should come down.”

“Ah, je ne sais…”

“Come on, it’s Friday night. If you leave now you might miss rush hour.”

It wasn’t rush hour I was concerned about. It was the possibility of missing a phone call from Ben. As if reading my mind, Pamsy said, “Karen. It’s Friday night. He’s not going to ring you. And you know weekends are his busiest time, so the chances of you missing him on the phone are lower than low.”

I sighed. “You’re right.”

“So, are you coming to see your best mate or not?”

“Try and stop me!”

It took just over three hours to get here but once I did, Pamsy and I wasted no time getting ready and half an hour later we were in TJ’s in Eastbourne. We made it onto the dance floor, just in time for the chorus to one of our favourite songs.

“Tell it to my heart, tell me I’m the only one, is this really love or just a game.”

Needless to say, we both lllluuuvvv Taylor Dayne.


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