May 6th, 1989

May 6th, 1989

At home

Certainly wasn’t expecting to be here tonight!

On my mad dash to spend a penny at Pamsy’s this morning, I noticed that her bed was empty, with the duvet crumpled in a heap in the middle of it. When I came out of the loo, I heard her voice and sleepily made my way downstairs. She was sitting on the chair in the hall, with the phone on her lap. When she saw me, she covered the mouthpiece with her hand.


“You’re up early,” I croaked.

With her hand still covering the mouthpiece, she whispered, “I’m on the phone with crewing.”


She held up her index finger, gesturing, “Hang on a minute.”

While she spoke, I slumped onto the floor. “Oh yes of course. So I can change it?” she asked. “That’s great, thanks so much, Bill.” She hung up the phone and sighed, “Ah.”

“What on earth was that all about?” I asked.

“I started standby at six and obviously didn’t want to get called out. So I thought I’d ring early and see if crewing needed me for anything later today.”

“I thought you finished standby yesterday?”

“Hmmm,” she said, standing up. “Don’t be mad, but I knew if I told you yesterday about this morning’s standby, you wouldn’t have come down.”

I slapped her leg as I got up off the floor. “You tricked me you little rascal.”

“And it worked,” she said, smiling.

“So, did you accomplish what you wanted?” I asked.

“Yes! They gave me a choice between a two o’clock check in for a quick turnaround in Palma, or a Zurich night stop.”

With a keen sense of where this was going, I said, “You better have chosen the night stop.”

With a huge grin, she said, “I did. And you’re coming with me, right?”

“Of course I am. But for now I’m going back to bed.”

We went to the beach this afternoon and the usual windsurfing gang, including Dave the Wave, was there. I had a quick chat with him, before he took to the water and I have to say, his neoprene wetsuit didn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.

Mental Johnnie showed up at the beach in his usual state of utter excitement and invited us to a barbeque at “the weekend house.” Johnnie is as posh as Annabel and I can never take him seriously. When Pamsy and I said we could go for an hour or so, Johnnie’s excitement elevated itself to a whole new level and his face got so beet red, I thought he might keel over.

Pamsy and I went back to hers to change for the barbeque and that’s when I realized I didn’t have my passport with me. So, here I am, home alone on a Saturday night, when I should be in Switzerland with my best mate.


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