May 7th, 1989

May 7th, 1989

At home

Taking a break from packing my suitcase, for a trip I may not even get called for on standby. It’s not easy to pack when you have no idea where you’re going! Consequently, I have a combination of summer and winter clothes strewn all over my bed.

Late this afternoon, I spoke to Pamsy.

“I can hear a lot of noise in the background, where are you?” I asked.

“Doing standby at the Denbigh.”

“Let me get this straight. You gave crewing the phone number of the pub?”

She laughed. “Yup, very naughty but at least they know where to find me. Unlike when you worked for Air Europe, when you’d leave the phone off the hook so you could go to the pub.”

“Oh, I’d forgotten all about that. Obviously you didn’t. How was Zurich?” I asked.

“The aircraft went tech so we never made it. I’m so glad you didn’t come. We sat on the ground, with passengers onboard, for four hours.”

“Ugh, I’d have hated that.”

“The passengers did too, they were really stroppy.”

“Poor Pamsy, that was no fun at all.”

A few minutes later, the phone rang again and I hope, hope, hoped it was Ben.


“McGarr. How are you on this sunny Sunday? And how’s the motor running?”

“Fine and fine,” I said, feeling disappointed.

“Excellent. Nice weekend?” Jon asked.

“It turned out different to what I’d planned, but yes, it’s been nice. You sound like you enjoyed a few beers with your Sunday lunch.”

“Maybe one more than a few,” he laughed. “I just thought I’d ring and see how things are.”

“I’ve been out for most of the day, looking at houses with my dad.”

“McGarr, you never cease to ama…surprise me. Locally?”

“Yeah, I want to start getting an idea of what’s available and where the prices are.”

“Are you thinking of buying something?” he asked.

“Eventually, yes. I can’t live with my parents forever.”

“Get you McGarr, about to step onto the property ladder.”

“I’m just following in your footsteps.”

“I’d highly recommend it. My house is worth much more than I paid for it three years ago. You said house, not a flat?”

“It all depends on what I can afford. I’m making decent money with BA and it seems pointless to rent if I can buy something.”

“I don’t know this side of you McGarr.”

“Well, you had better get used to it.”












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