May 11th, 1989

May 11th, 1989

At home

At noon today, when the second hand hit the number twelve on the clock, Carl and I shouted, “Yes!” in unison. I’m surprised neither of us got called out, I can’t imagine that’s the norm. I really enjoyed spending time with Carl and his family. He’s really pleasant to be around and never runs out of things to say. We talked at length about our plans for the future and had a lengthy discussion about buying property, sooner rather than later. Carl said he likes hills and lakes and I told him I like the beach but I doubt I can afford anything even remotely close to the sea.

I was home by two and dad was at work and mum wasn’t around, so I sat in the garden with Tini, enjoying a cup of tea, then I went to the city centre. I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping so I went to see “The Tall Guy,” at The Point. It was a bit mental but I was expecting that, after I found out Mel Smith was the Director. I absolutely love Emma Thompson. She can do no wrong.

Pamsy rang tonight and we were on the phone for almost three hours!

“I can’t believe you didn’t get called out,” she said.

“I can’t either but I doubt I’ll be that lucky when I go back on standby.”

“When?” she asked.

“Next couple of days, I start four hour but I can do that from here as long as I’m ready to jump.”

“If you don’t get called out you must come down for the weekend.”

“I’d love to,” I said.

“I need some help with operation Oliver.”

“I thought you’d lost interest in him?”
“It was only temporary,” she laughed.

“Obviously. So what is my role in this?” I asked.

“Your role is to make sure we end up in the same place at the same time as Oliver.”


“All weekend,” she said.

“Phew, that’s a lot to ask of your mate but let me think about it, oh ok, I can help you.”

Pamsy giggled. “You had better not get called out and ruin the operation.”

“We can call it Double O,” I said.

“Oh, I like that,” Pamsy said and we both laughed.









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