May 13th, 1989

May 13th, 1989

At home

Stephen rang and invited me to Brighton for the weekend but I told him I was stuck at home on standby. As usual, he had me in stitches and we shared and compared what we call, “Trolley Dolly Tales.”

While I was out last night, British Airways crewing rang to say there’d been a change and instead of standby starting at six this morning, it started at noon and ended at midnight. That change obviously put an end to me going to Pamsy’s, so here I am at home on Saturday night when I was expecting to be out clubbing with my mate. Pamsy was sorely disappointed when I shared the news with her this morning but no doubt I’ll get to see her soon.

Mum and dad came back from the city centre with all sorts of goodies, food and otherwise. Mum bought me a beautiful cream coloured skirt that I love and tonight we put on a fashion show in my room, complete with thumping music. When mum is well, we have so much fun together and her energy level never ceases to amaze me.

Obviously, I couldn’t leave the house but I have to say I’ve enjoyed catching up with mum and dad without the distraction of me coming and going. Dad was in one of his talkative moods tonight and chatted a lot about his family and how things were when he was growing up. It’s hard to believe dad is one of fifteen children and the father of only one!

Dad talked at length about his Mother, my lovely Granny, who died when I was six. Sadly, I don’t remember much about her but pictures help and both mum and dad have shared so many stories about her. I especially like the way dad talks about his late Mother. I think it’s very important for a man to treat his Mother well and have a good relationship with her.

I enjoy listening to dad talking about the old days and how it was for him growing up in such a big family. Granny lost five of her babies during childbirth, which must have broken her heart over and over again. With everything she and Granda endured, all I’ve ever heard about her is what a lovely, kind person she was and how she welcomed mum into their big family with open arms.

Both mum and dad’s upbringing was so different to mine. Mum has often told me how heartbroken dad was when he lost his Mother. I can’t even imagine how awful that must be. I absolutely adore my parents and can’t imagine a time without them in my life.

I feel fortunate that I still have two grandparents, Granda on dad’s side and Nana on mum’s. According to mum, Granda is coming next month from Scotland to stay with us. My Granda is a real character and we have a great time whenever he comes to stay. It’s no surprise where dad gets his love of story telling from.

I really miss Ben, and I wonder if we’ll have children together? I’m pretty sure he’s the love of my life, but he isn’t here right now so I need to be strong like my Granny was and make the most of this situation.


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