May 15th, 1989

May 15th, 1989

At home

What an interesting day and evening it turned out to be!

The great news is not only do I have time off work to visit Ben but I already found a flight to Spain. It was only sixty quid, so I booked it on the phone then had to go to the bank to get a cheque, that I already sent. I’m beyond excited at the prospect of seeing my gorgeous boyfriend again.

Got a massive surprise this afternoon, when I opened the front door to find Stephen standing there! He was with Sebastian, a lovely guy he met just recently and wanted me to meet. We sat in the garden and had such a great laugh, I could tell mum was really enjoying herself. Stephen is always very amusing and definitely has a way with words. Sebastian is very good looking and just the sweetest guy, I really like him. Mum did too and asked him lots of questions about where he’s from and all the usual stuff she likes to know. He lives half an hour from here, hence the reason they showed up unexpectedly.

When dad got home from work, he joined us in the garden with an armful of beers and wasted no time getting involved in the conversation. I love how easygoing mum and dad are with all of my friends and how much they enjoy getting to know them.

Later, the three of us went to The Point and another surprise there, when we bumped into Sarah and Simon. It was fun introducing everyone and within five minutes Sarah told me she thought Stephen was the funniest guy she’s ever met! Sebastian is much quieter than Stephen but then again, most people are.

Sarah got pretty tipsy and invited us back to their place but Stephen had already expressed “the need to strut” (as he calls it!) I suggested we go to the club there, on the premises, but Stephen insisted on going to London.

“It’ll take about an hour to get there,” I said, hoping that would deter him.

“That’s fine,” he said.

“Do you mind driving?” Sebastian asked.

“Not at all,” I lied.

Being a Monday night, the drive to London wasn’t as bad as I thought but I had a terrible time trying to find a parking spot and when I did, the space was tiny. I didn’t dare to attempt reversing into it and told Sebastian I couldn’t. Sebastian was too full of cocktails to get behind the wheel but he did get out and ask a guy walking down the street if he could park the car for us! The guy obliged and his parking job was perfect.

We found our way to Bang, the old Astoria theatre, on Charing Cross Road and danced ourselves silly in the old ballroom in the basement. The music was amazing, the atmosphere was electrifying and going to the loo was an experience!

I lost myself in the music with no worries of creeps in slippery shirts.


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