May 19th, 1989

May 19th, 1989

At home

Just got home from a fun Friday night out with Sarah. Simon went to some football related event with some of his mates, which meant I got to spend time alone with Sarah. It’s funny how once your friend has a boyfriend you rarely get to see just your friend.

Having said that, I’ve seen Sarah sans Simon more this week than I have since they met and I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed catching up with her again.

We sat through close to two agonizing hours of possibly the worst film ever made. Of

course I should have known from the title, “My Stepmother Is An Alien,” what I was in for. I don’t know how Kim Basinger can go from her role in 9 ½ weeks to that moronic drivel but at least Sarah and I were able to laugh about it over several drinks.

Carl rang this afternoon with a friendly reminder that I should pack some tablets to cure “a major hangover.” I assured him I won’t be needing anything of that nature, to which he responded, “I wouldn’t be so sure, there’s just something about that place that gets you pissed.” I laughed and said I’ll ring him when I get back, if only to prove him wrong.

Right after Carl rang, Jon did.

“McGarr.” Regardless of how many times Jon has greeted me in such a way, it still makes me laugh. “How’s tricks?” he asked.

“Really good, thanks. How are you?”

“Excellent. What’s on the agenda for this weekend?”

“I’m off to Cairo tomorrow.”

“You know, that’s one place I’ve never had any desire to visit.”


“None at all.”

“How come?” I asked.

“No idea, just not somewhere I’d pay money to go.”

“But I’m not paying to go. I get paid to go.

“That’s it McGarr, rub it in. I’ve got bugger all planned and you’re off to the pyramids.”

“I’m merely stating the facts.”

“You are simply horrible,” he quipped.

I laughed. “I know. That’s why you like me.”

“It’s one of the many reasons.” He paused. “I think you know the others.”

I cleared my throat and without acknowledging his remark, I said, “I’ll send you a postcard.”








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