May 20th, 1989

May 20th, 1989

Flight from LGW – CAI

Presently on our way to Cairo and the flight is chock-a-block. I love the chance to slip my shoes off, if only for a very short amount of time during crew rest. Refreshing cup of my favourite Earl Grey and a plate of delectable looking biscuits to enjoy, with hopefully no passenger interruptions but I know that’s wishful thinking.

Received a very lovey dovey letter from Ben this morning, which I tore open the second the postman put it through the letterbox. Dad was in the hall and I heard him laughing

“What?” I asked.

Pointing to the post on the floor, he said, “Looks like there’s a few bills there. Can ye tear them open as well and throw them in the bin?”

“Very funny dad,” I said, gathering up the small pile.

“Thanks hen,” he said when I passed it to him. “Is Ben alright?”

“Yeah, he sounds really good, thanks,” I said, clutching the letter.

“I’m sure he’s looking forward to you getting to Spain.”

“I do believe he is.”

“That’s good. Right Tini, come on, let’s get you out for a wee walk.”

Tini came scurrying out of the living room. Dad held up his hand, gesturing for him to stop, which he did.

“Tini, you are much too good,” I said, laughing.

“Is your case ready to go in the car?” Dad asked.

“No, not yet. I’m still trying to decide what to pack.”

Dad shook his head, smiled. “Come on Tini.”

I was so relieved when I walked into the briefing room and saw Kimberly. I haven’t seen or spoken to her much since just after we finished training so I’m looking forward to catching up with her and finding out what she’s been up to. She already told me she’s enjoying living in the flat, with Lorna and Meryl so no doubt she’ll fill me in on them as well.

We’re working with a girl called Melissa who is absolutely stunning looking and very funny. She’s extremely confident but then again with looks like hers, how could she not be. She’s only been flying for a year but said Cairo is one of her favourite destinations and has promised to show us around. Starting tonight.













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