May 23rd, 1989

May 23rd, 1989

Flight from CAI – LGW

At home

Home again, after a slightly (serious understatement!) wild trip.

Thankfully, the flight time home this morning was only five hours.

What do I have to say about Cairo?


It was hot.

It felt very exotic.

The nightclubs were amazing.

There was much dancing.

And drinking.

And prior to this, I had Kimberly pegged as quiet. Silly old me!

We did actually get to the pyramids in Giza. It was all a bit hazy but I distinctly remember getting ripped off by the first person we met as we approached the pyramids (which were quite amazing.)

“You ladies have been here before?” he asked, smiling.

“No,” Melissa, Kimberly and I replied, in unison.

“Good,” he said, rubbing his hands together. Had we been sober, that singular gesture

might have alerted us to continue on a few feet more, to where the camels were lined up.

“You want tour of the pyramids?”

“That would be absholootlee lovely,” Melissa slurred.

“You want slow horse, fast horse or very fast horse?” he asked.

Again, in unison, “Very fast. Please.”

Such manners, even whilst intoxicated.


We each handed over what I felt to be an exorbinent amount of money but my head was spinning from too much sun (ha!) and I thought perhaps my calculations on currency conversion was wrong.

Let’s just say there was plenty of help available to aid us onto the horses. Kimberly said she felt nervous because it was her first time on a horse. Melissa offered to let her ride with her but Kimberly said she’d be ok and thankfully she was. Of course our “very fast” horses got overtaken again and again by the other tourists who had the good sense to pay only for the “slow horses.”

Busy evening on the phone;

Stephen rang and invited me to Brighton.

Sarah rang asking if I wanted to meet for a drink tonight.

Pamsy rang, invited me to hers.

I said no to all of them.

I simply cannot leave the house until I’m fully recovered from the influence of that very bad girl called Cairo.


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