June 5th, 1989

June 5th, 1989

South of France

Ben had to be at work first thing this morning so I slept late but still felt groggy when I finally woke up. Ben popped in and out a few times throughout the day and after yesterday’s bombshell I did what I do best; acted like nothing had changed and denied any acknowledgement of what is actually happening. That has occasionally worked in the past but this time I know something is really shifting between us and I know I need to try and get my head around it.

I was sunbathing with my headphones on, listening to Simply Red on my Walkman and opened my eyes when I sensed a cloud passing, only to find Ben standing over me. I slipped off the headphones.

“Whatcha listening to?” he asked.

“It’s Only Love.”

He gave me a questioning look.

“Simply Red,” I said. “Are you done for the day?” I asked, sitting up.

“Yeah, until tonight.”

“You have to work tonight?”

“Unfortunately I do but if you want, you can come with me.”


“It’s an excursion to a place called the School House. It’s basically a restaurant. We’ll be having dinner there and afterwards a couple of the reps and I will do a few skits. It’s usually a good laugh. You wanna come?”

“Of course.”

I sat with two hysterically funny girls from Liverpool and a Scottish couple, here on their honeymoon but you’d never know it because they basically ignored each other the entire evening.

While Ben was performing, Helen (lovely girl with the chubbiest cheeks ever!) leaned across the table and asked, “Does this make you jealous?”

“Sorry, what?” I asked, confused.

“Do you get jealous watching your boyfriend up there?” She gestured to the makeshift stage.

I laughed. “No, not at all. I love watching him perform.”

“He’s really good,” she added.

“Aye he is,” Scottish bride chipped in. “Your boyfriend is awful talented. And nice looking to boot.”

“You make a lovely couple,” said chubby cheeks.

We did. We really did.









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