June 13th, 1989

June 13th, 1989

Night flight from PIT – LHR

Ah, feels so good to slip my shoes off during this much-needed thirty minutes of crew rest. Flight time is just under nine hours home tonight and we are chock-a-block.

Last night, Frankie and I ended up on a dinner/dance cruise with half our crew! I don’t have enough time to write about how we met up again with our crew but suffice to say, it was a fantastic evening with much dancing (hence the achy feet) and perhaps a bit of drinking.

I would have stayed in my room today recuperating had I not promised Granda a baseball cap. I ventured out into the midday sun and enjoyed walking around the city but I wanted to sleep before pick up so I didn’t stay out for long.

Back in my room, munching on Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies (I was so excited when I saw them in the supermarket!) I found the hotel stationery and started a letter to Ben that I may/may not finish. I can’t let my mind go to him now, if I do I won’t be in any fit state to get back to work.

Mum is fond of saying “Everything happens for a reason” and where Ben is concerned, I don’t believe it for a second but on the other hand I met Frankie on this trip and I can already tell she’s someone I’ll know for a long time to come, so maybe mum is right.

And at some point I hope I’m brave enough to get back on the bike again.





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