June 18th, 1989

June 18th, 1989
Shuttle from BDA – TPA – BDA

Lyndsey rang and asked if I wanted to meet for breakfast. While I was talking to her there was a knock on my door so I told Lyndsey I’d meet her in the lobby, hung up and answered the door.

It was Graeme. With a huge grin, he said, “Morning,” and came into my room. He made himself comfortable in the wing chair by the balcony doors (which I always keep open) and I excused myself and went into the bathroom to finish getting ready

“Karen, do you have a boyfriend?” he called out.
“Nope,” I said, looking in the mirror while I brushed my hair.
“You don’t?”
I smoothed down my shirt and called out, “Nope.”
“Why on earth not?”
I responded in a cheeky tone with, “Bee coz I don’t,” and then I don’t know what came over me but I undid another couple of the buttons on my cheesecloth shirt.
“You really don’t?”
I gave myself a final check in the mirror before going back into the room and standing in front of him, I said something I haven’t said in a while. “I’m single.”

We went down to the lobby, where we met Lyndsey who gave me a questioning look that could be interpreted as, “Did you spend the night with him?”
Using only facial expressions, I replied, “No, I did not!”

The town of Hamilton is so pretty, with an abundance of pastel coloured buildings in every direction you look. The three of us sat outside enjoying delicious fruit and pancakes and chatted easily. After walking back to the hotel (I like that we don’t stay right in the middle of town) Lyndsey said she wanted to get some rest before we operated the shuttle to Tampa.

“What would you like to do?” Graeme asked.
“I might go to the pool.”
“Do you mind if I join you?”
“Not at all.”
“Great,” he said as we headed in the direction of our rooms.
“I’ll knock on your door in five minutes,” he said. “Is that enough time?”
I nodded yes and let myself into my room.

Sure enough, five minutes later he was back at my door!

It was gorgeous by the pool and I’d planned on reading (must clear out my book bag, it’s ridiculously heavy.) After we situated ourselves on the loungers Graeme started talking so I never did open any of my books. I did wear my new swimsuit though and even swam for a while, which was heavenly.

We piled onto the crew bus at two and with the air conditioning blasting it cooled my face, which I think got a bit too much sun. It was a quick ride to the airport and Graeme sat beside me and talked the entire way! Usually I’m the chatty one. He asked more about the boyfriend I don’t have and I made it clear that I’m single.

I wish I did still have Ben, but I don’t and need to get over him and stop holding onto the slight glimmer of hope I carry that we might get back together again. I know in my heart that won’t happen but I’m finding it hard to acknowledge it. Things change, I have to remember that and we’re not the same people we were six years ago, nor should we be.

We took over from the crew that brought the aircraft from London and Graeme knew quite a few of them but he’s been flying for a few years. They seemed much more mature (read as; older) than our crew and seeing them made me think about how long I might fly.

Tried to get a hold of Miriam and Liza from Tampa but both their numbers were engaged. Didn’t feel hungry enough for dinner so Graeme and I strolled around the terminal and had a chat about flying. He said he plans on flying for another fifteen years, until he’s forty, after which he’ll retire. When he asked me I responded with, “No idea.”

On the shuttle back to Bermuda, Lyndsey teased me about Graeme and said it was obvious he likes me and suggested I “go for it.” Lyndsey has a very serious boyfriend at home and I hope he’s lovely to her because she’s one of the nicest girls I’ve flown with.

Back in Bermuda, while the new crew were taking over from us, I couldn’t believe it when I heard Frankie’s voice.
“Where have you been hiding?” I asked in a pitch higher than usual.
“I’ve been lying low,” she said, pointing to her head.
“I wish I’d known you were at the hotel, ugh, too late now you’re heading home.”
I followed the direction of her gaze, towards Graeme. “Oooh,” she said, suddenly coming alive. “Who’s he?”
“Hands off,” I laughed. “He’s taken!”

Emma Thompson (Fiona of course, but we’re all calling her Emma now, a few of the passengers even commented on their likeness!) invited us to her room again for a party. (obviously more research for her upcoming role!)

Emma’s room is way in the back of the hotel, by the older building so Graeme offered to walk over with me. Because it was already late, we agreed to meet in fifteen minutes, just enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes. I don’t know whether Graeme has a built in clock or not, but he knocked on my door exactly fifteen minutes later (yes, I timed him!)

The air felt balmy and breezy and in Emma’s room the windows and balcony doors were open and that combination seemed to make the cocktails do down a lot smoother. A couple of hours later, I left with Graeme and Lyndsey gave a thumbs up and when she winked, I laughed.

We had to cross by the pool area to get back to our building and he took my hand and lead me to one of the sun loungers. With absolute ease, he sat behind me and I scooted back, between his legs. I leaned back on him and we started to kiss.

In his room (I know, I know but I’m a single girl! In Bermuda! With a great looking guy!) we kissed much, much more and ages later he walked me back to my room.

Outside my door, he said, “I’ll call you in the morning,” which was hysterical because it was already five am (my magical time.) No sooner did I get into bed, when the phone rang.
“Morning,” he said and the two of us cracked up laughing.

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