June 19, 1989

June 19th, 1989
Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda

Four hours later Graeme rang and made me laugh when he said, “It’s still morning.”
I was really sleepy but didn’t want to waste the day. We agreed to meet thirty minutes later and in between I rang Lyndsey. Her first word was “So?”
I told her we had a marathon kissing session and it wasn’t too shabby.
“I’m not surprised,” she said. “It’s so obvious you like each other.”

Graeme knocked on my door (I didn’t time him but I have no doubt it was thirty minutes later!) I recall a bit of kissing before we went down to meet Lyndsey in the lobby.

The three of us caught the ferry over to the Southampton Princess and on the way, Lyndsey was renamed Lyndsey Lobster because of her sunburn. We spent the day in and out of the water and thought about trying some watersports, but changed our minds and decided to just relax. My beach bag was laden with books but I didn’t actually open any of them! I really need to clean that bag out!

We ate lunch at the restaurant right on the beach, what a beautiful spot. I love Bermuda. Graeme and I decided to take a taxi back, instead of having to wait for the ferry. Lyndsey and a few of our other crew said they were staying at the beach and once again she gave me a thumbs up and a cheeky wink when I was leaving. She really does make me laugh.

We met the crew as planned in the lobby and walked into town. We went in and out of various bars, had some yummy drinks then went for dinner. Sixteen is quite a big number to accommodate but when our entire crew shows up there’s even more.

Graeme and I were not the last to leave, which leads me to expect some nasty headaches around the pool tomorrow. We strolled back to the hotel and he came to my room, just to make sure the after sun treatments were working! Once we’d established that the treatments were ok (!) we ordered tea and toast on room service and stayed up chatting til…of course..five am!

When Graeme left, he said, “I’ll call you in the morning.”
And he did. As soon as he got back to his room!

My days and nights here and tumbling into one another, but who cares…I’m having a great time.

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