June 20th, 1989

June 20th, 1989
Night flight from BDA – LGW

Once again, Graeme and I met about four hours later and went back to the beach at the Southampton Princess hotel. We went snorkeling and rented some floats, and that pretty much took up the day. Graeme has a great sense of humour, and needless to say we chatted endlessly. Some people are just really easy to talk to.

Lyndsey arrived later and we had lunch together while Graeme went for a swim, which allowed me to fill Lyndsey in. She left before us to go back to the hotel to try and sleep before our night flight home.

Graeme and I were having such a great time on the beach that we decided to stay as long as possible which meant missing the last ferry. Took the bus back, which I actually really enjoyed, especially with the windows wide open and the air rushing in…aaahhhh! And the different fragrances, double ahhh!
“Karen, do you think we could get together once we’re home?”
I didn’t really know what to say so I pretended to be distracted by the views and muttered something like, “uh, eh, hm.”
We didn’t speak for a few minutes and it felt awkward but he broke the silence with, “How about I’ll give you my number and leave the next move up to you.”
Again I mumbled something, not really sure what but he just smiled.

Flight is good so far, we’re four hours into it with about three to go before we land at Gatwick. Lyndsey and I just had a nice chat on crew rest, but now she’s sleeping. I’d much rather write!

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