June 21st, 1989

June 21st, 1989
At home

Landed at Gatwick at midday and the crew transport took us back to home base at Heathrow. I sat on the bus with Graeme and we (he!) chatted all the way. He said he didn’t feel at all tired and I didn’t either. At the crew car park, we said our goodbye’s (no kissing in uniform!) and he gave me his address and phone number.
“I hope you’ll ring me,” he said.
I didn’t make any promises.

Home to a quiet house, with dad still at work and mum up in Scotland. Mum took Granda home on the train and in the note she left, she said Granda had yet to remove his flag cap!

When dad got home we had dinner together and lots of chat. My dad is definitely one of those easy to talk to people and I’m not just saying that because he’s my dad! He asked about my trip and it’s funny how I can tell mum stuff about boys but definitely not dad.

Sam rang and told me he’s been seeing Xavier (I know him from Air Europe days.) Xavier is a lovely French guy and I think they would be good together, hope I can see them both soon. Sam asked what’s going on in my love life, but with dad’s presence I couldn’t elaborate.

Right after I hung up with Sam, Pamsy rang and unfortunately I couldn’t tell her too much either!

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