June 23rd, 1989

June 23rd, 1989
At Pamsy’s, Sussex

Back with my lovely, best friend having a super fun time here at the beach.

This morning at home, I was in the kitchen washing the dishes when I heard someone in the hallway.
“Hello?” I called out, going in the direction of where the noise was coming from.
It was Janice, the other half of Janice and Terry, mum and dad’s friends.
“Sorry Karen,” she said, with a look of surprise on her face. “I didn’t know you were home.”
I gave her a questioning look. “I’m here to let Tini out and feed him,” she explained.
“Oh of course,” I said, making the connection, with mum away in Scotland.
“He’s asleep in the garden at the moment, I think between us he’s had too much to eat.”

I made Janice a cuppa and we sat in the kitchen for ages, chatting.
“So, how’s Ben? Was it lovely to see him? Your mammy said you were excited when you left.”
I burst into tears.
“Oh Karen, I’m sorry, what did I say?”
“Nothing you said,” I said, wiping my eyes. “We split up.”
Her face fell. “Oh no, I’m so sorry. I’d ask if you’re alright but you’re obviously not.”
“I’m mostly ok,” I said. “Seeing you  just reminded me of when Ben and I would babysit your girls.”
“My girls still talk about that, they used to love it.”
“They were so much fun and we always let them stay up late,” I confessed.
“I know,” she said, smiling. “What did your mammy say when you told her about you and Ben?”
I sighed. “I haven’t told her yet.”

Took three hours to get here, some of which was crying time, which actually felt good to get out. By the time I got to Pamsy’s, I put the sadness behind me and feel happy to be here with Pamsy, celebrating her twenty-third birthday.

We went straight to our favourite place; the beach. The boys were all out windsurfing and we met a few of them tonight at The Lamb to celebrate the birthday girl, who is now sound asleep, something I need to do but not until this is done.

When we got into our beds, I told Pamsy all about Graeme and Bermuda and when I was done, she said, “Tell me again!”

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