June 24th, 1989

June 24th, 1989
At Pamsy’s, Sussex

Johnnie spotted us on the beach and came tearing towards us! He’s so funny but I really don’t fancy him, not even a teensy bit. We actually couldn’t get rid of him and told him we were leaving.

We got in Pamsy’s car, waited ‘til he left then went back to the beach, where Pamsy decided she likes Oliver again.

When we came back to the house I took it upon myself to ring him.

“Hi Oliver,” I said, sounding very confident. “This is Karen, Pamsy’s friend. I just wanted to let you know it’s her birthday weekend and it might be in your interest to be out on the town tonight.”
When I hung up. Pamsy’s expression was incredulous and we burst out laughing.
“You are crazy,” she said.
“Happy Birthday,” I said, with my biggest smile.

Pamsy’s dad got the barbeque going and a bunch of friends came over but not for too long because we had to get ready for our big night out.

We started off in the Denbigh and ended up in TJ’s but sadly, Oliver didn’t show up.

His loss.

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